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Archive for June 2009

Long Beach Race Week

Steve Brown’s Wild Thing leads Garrett Woodworth’s Frequent Flyer into a weather mark. They flip-flopped in the final standings, with Woodworth’s team winning the six boat class by a six points. More »

Summer Sailing in the Slow Lane

Back in action, and back on the water, Kent and Paula are bucking recessionary woes with six weeks of Caribbean sailing. latitude/Andy
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Thanks to the economic slowdown, sailing Caribbean waters this summer is more laid back than ever. More »

Hot Delta Doo Dah Action

The Delta Doo Dah ‘start’ was the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Light winds afforded plenty of opportunity to practice sailing under spinnaker. latitude/LaDonna
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC The inaugural Delta Doo Dah, our laid-back rally from the Bay to the Delta, kicked off Friday night at Richmond YC, where sailors had a chance to check in, claim their swag bags, grab some grub from the galley and get to know each other. More »

Tawodi Returns

Kathleen and Stephen at Pitcairn Island, one of many places they hadn’t planned to stop but did. Tawodi
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC The first time we wrote about Kathleen Torres and Captain Stephen Mann of the custom 39-ft Tawodi was last fall, when we noted that the young couple had departed San Diego on a planned ‘race pace circumnavigation.’ More »

Delta Doo Dah Departing

The inaugural Delta Doo Dah kicks off tonight at Richmond YC, where Doo Dah’ers will mix and mingle, and compare notes on the weather forecast. Hopefully everyone has packed plenty of sunscreen, shade, fans and ice, because the forecast is hot, hot, hot! More »

Support Dinius Through Paypal

On Wednesday we reported that posts on State Attorney General Jerry Brown’s Facebook page regarding the prosecution of Bismarck Dinius caught the eye of the AG, prompting him to comment that he was looking into the case. More »

A Glorious Welcome to Polynesia

Friday’s opening ceremonies included traditional dancing at the water’s edge. latitude/Andy
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC By all accounts, the fourth annual Tahiti-Moorea Sailing Rendezvous, which concluded yesterday, was a huge success. More »
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It’s About Frigging Time

After a flurry of comments on Jerry Brown’s official Facebook page, California’s Attorney General announced that he is finally looking into what passes for justice in Lake County. Dozens upon dozens of ‘Facebookers’ have voiced their outrage over the ridiculous prosecution of Bismarck Dinius for the 2006 death of Lynn Thornton. More »

We Stand Corrected

On Monday, we reported on the fun and succesful Summer Sailstice celebration at Treasure Island Sailing Center. In covering the event, we mentioned that there were "up to six boat raft-ups" in Clipper Cove, which was true as far as it went — that’s what we saw when we looked out there in the early afternoon. More »