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Dan Alvarez’s Ericson 30+ Travieso enjoys some downright pleasant conditions while rounding the South Island in Saturday’s Singlehanded Farallones Race.
Step one: snag the net ball. © 2008 Andy Conlin By law, every mariner is required to keep a lookout at all times.
If you’re planning on doing the Vallejo Race on May 3-4 and haven’t signed up yet, you might want to consider signing up online today to avoid late fees.
We’re planning our annual Delta article for the June issue of Latitude and would like your input.
We got stopped a few years ago off the Embarcadero by both Coast Guard and the SF Police boats.
She looks bad here, but Gitana Vela suffered relatively minor damage in her double dismasting.
It appears to be high season for Somalia’s pirate industry. On Sunday, just days after the 30-member crew of a French megayacht were released and several pirates arrested by French forces, pirates seized control of the 250-ft Spanish fishing trawler Playa de Bakio in the Gulf of Aden.
John Cota, the pilot aboard the Cosco Busan when the ship “touched” the Bay Bridge last November, was indicted on felony charges this week.
A seeing eye dog aboard the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors’ boat greets a new friend on the docks of Strictly Sail Pacific.
Yankee with a bone in her teeth at the Master Mariners Regatta. latitude/JR
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC San Francisco Bay is home to one of the largest, coolest and most active fleets of classic yachts anywhere in the world — the Master Mariners Benevolent Association.
Seen here days before setting sail from La Cruz, outside Puerto Vallarta, Gina and Paul are headed home to New Zealand.
Last evening, Roy Disney and Leslie DeMeuse-Disney hosted a West Coast preview showing of outtakes from The Morning Light Project at the Strictly Sail Pacific show.
Remember how both Southwest Airlines and American Airlines recently had to temporarily pull many of their planes out of service because of F.A.A.-mandated safety checks?
If you’re a proud Baja Ha-Ha vet or are planning to Ha-Ha sometime in the future, be sure to stop by our booth (#2022/24) at Strictly Sail Pacific tonight for the annual Baja Ha-Ha Reunion Party around 6 p.m.
Hanalei on the beach at Punta San Marcial. © 2008 Dennis Monahan Readers Debbie and Dennis Monahan were on their annual Baja fishing trip out of Agua Verde in late February when they came upon this boat.
Sailors up and down the West Coast plan all year for "their" show, Strictly Sail Pacific at Oakland’s Jack London Square, which will have opened by the time you read this today.
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Got a saildrive? Here are seven things you need to know: Shaft Seals — Inspect out of the water every year Pressure & Vacuum Test — Make sure they’re at the proper level to insure the integrity of the shaft seals Water Alarm — Check that it’s functional at the correct settings Zinc Anodes — Replace regularly (don’t forget the pencil zinc inside the gear case!) Oil — Change every two years or at the first sign of milkiness (water intrusion) Appropriate Antifouling Paint — Applied for protection Folding Prop — Balance, clean and grease annually If you’re behind on any of these items, call KKMI!  We’ll take care of your saildrive and any other maintenance needs to assure a safe and reliable boating season!  KKMI is an Authorized Dealer and Service Center for Yanmar & Volvo.
Producers Roy E. Disney and Leslie DeMeuse will be previewing scenes from Morning Light on Thursday night during the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show at Jack London Square in Oakland.
The 63-ft Profligate on the hook just outside of La Paz. latitude/Richard
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC After her 12th consecutive winter season in the tropics, it’s time for Profligate, Latitude‘s Surfin’ 63 catamaran, to head back to California.
"We read the April 9 ‘Lectronic item about Besame, the Southern California-based mini-megayacht that was approached by a panga full of armed and masked men off the coast of mainland Mexico recently," write Guy and Deborah Bunting, former residents of Vista who have been cruising their M&M 46 catamaran Elan in Mexico and Central America for years now.
Birthday boy – Olin Stephens turned 100 this past weekend. © 2008 Webb Logg We would like to join the rest of the sailing world in wishing happy birthday to Olin Stephens, who turned 100 yesterday (April 13).
At 16, Zac Sunderland hopes to become the youngest solo circumnavigator. © Marianne Sunderland Laurence and Marianne Sunderland of Marina del Rey report that their 16-year-old son Zac, who has 15,000 ocean miles to his credit, will set off next month from Southern California in an attempt to become the youngest person to circumnavigate singlehanded.
Further to the above report, annoucing that Zac Sunderland, 16, hopes to set a record as the youngest solo circumnavigator, we should point out that another 16-year-old, Josh Clark of Panama City, Panama, may attempt the same feat.
If you miss Lin and Larry Pardey’s talks at Strictly Sail next weekend (click here for details), you’ll have a chance to catch their "Sixteen Ways to Keep Your Lover" seminar at the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in Sausalito on April 24 at 7 p.m.
Coming as no surprise to anyone who’s been following the America’s Cup saga, BMW Oracle Racing officially announced that a multihull build is underway in Anacortes, Washington.
After our March 24 ‘Lectronic Latitude story about the grim future for two pets abandoned by their American owners on Fanning Island after their boat wrecked on the atoll, we received a hopeful email from a dog and parrot lover in Nevada who wanted to save both animals.
A marine insurance industry professional in Southern California sent us an incident report from the 100-ft Northstar motoryacht Besame.
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Getting ready for the spring sailing season has never been easier. KKMI is offering free haulouts through April and, as always, every KKMI bottom job comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee!
Following last year’s dustup over rating limits and oddities in the Offshore Racing Rule, the Transpacific YC announced it has bumped up the limit for next year’s race to include boats up to 100 feet.
Le Ponant, a 288-ft French luxury yacht, was on its way back to the Med from the Seychelles on Friday when it was overtaken by pirates in the Gulf of Aden off Somalia.
Last night’s annual Latitude 38 Spring Crew List Party at Golden Gate YC was once again a can’t-miss affair.
Tom Perkins, the Belvedere-based owner of the 289-ft Dyna-Rig Maltese Falcon, has confirmed reports that his big boat is up for sale.
As of yesterday afternoon, the Coast Guard was still broadcasting a "Local Notice to Mariners" for Pteradactyl, which has been sailing on its own since owner Luc de Faymoreau and crewman Disun Den Daas were washed overboard when a "freak wave" pitchpoled the boat on the way home from last Saturday’s Doublehanded Farallones Race.
Luka looks to be in pretty good shape considering she just finished a ‘wrong-way’ circumnavigation.