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November 2019

58Randall Reeves Closes the Loops on the Figure 8

After abandoning his first Figure 8 attempt in 2018, Randall Reeves managed to close the loops this year.

66Resurgence of an Offshore Classic — Transpac Tahiti 2020

A resurgence of a Pacific Ocean classic: the 3,570-mile Transpac Tahiti race, which is slated to begin May 28 from Long Beach.

70No Regrets — Why You Should Linger in Mexico

We decided to stay in Mexico, spend the summer in the Sea of Cortez, and then dive the Revillagigedos again next year.

74Season Champions Part 1 — A Tradition of One Designs

The end-of-year Season Champions features have been a long-standing tradition here at Latitude 38.

78Berkeley, California — A Salty City

Berkeley, or Olympic Circle — the body of water directly to the north of the ancient two-and-a-half-mile pier — has been called the "best patch of water for championship racing."

84Max Ebb — Foiling Spray

Pressure around a submerged foil-shaped strut. There's high drag at the forward tip, but after that the water accelerates to the side and around the curve, causing pressure to become negative.

96World of Chartering

This month we focus on the Alluring Isles of the Lesser Antilles