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December 2019

46Loose Lips

"Stairway to Heaven" was the subject line on the email Mark Bettis sent us containing this month's World Famous L38 Caption Contest(!) photo.

58Baja Ha-Ha XXVI

"These are the golden years" might as well have been the theme for the 26th annual Baja Ha-Ha — sponsored by the fine people at Latitude 38.

64Where’d Windsurfing Go?

On July 3, 2008, the wind came out of nowhere. I drove down to Hs Lordships in Berkeley Marina to have a look, and was about to call it a day when the breeze turned on in a big way.

70Season Champs Part 2

Wealth in this context comes in numbers, but not dollars. Despite the title of this feature, most if not all of the boats profiled in this issue don't cost a lot to purchase, berth or operate.

76The Overton Family

In the lifestyle and sport of sailing, racing and cruising are not always equal partners, but the Overtons have fully embraced both in their life on the water.

82Max Ebb: Lubber Lit

"The books on the coffee table might hold some clues," I thought to myself as I studied the offerings left out for guest entertainment.

86Racing Sheet

Featuring the Great Pumpkin Regatta, the YRA closes their season, SDYC's Lipton Cup, DRYC's Halloween Regatta, the Amazing Grace Cheney Cup, Seaweed Soup, Berkeley Midwinters, and El Toros.

94World of Chartering

For a change of pace, this month we'll test your brainpower with our annual history and culture quiz about charter destinations around the world. In Greece and Turkey, ancient ruins and other reminders of the region's rich cultural heritage seem to be everywhere.