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April 2019

74Launching Tomorrow's Sailors – Instructors Share Their Insights

A dedicated group of sail-training educators is working hard to introducing both youngsters and young-at-heart adults to the magic of sailing.

80The Improbable Project

If all goes as planned, the Mull 42 Improbable could return here in time for the 50th anniversary of its 1970 launch – restored, updated, lightened and potentially faster than ever.

86Windships – Will There Be a New Age of Sail?

The centuries-long Age of Sail met an abrupt end with the advent of the engine, the fuel for which has long been cheap, abundant, and, until recently, perceived as consequence-free. Diesel has since ruled the ocean and global shipping.

94Pacific Puddle Jump Heads West

As we pen this report from Banderas Bay, Mexico, in mid-March, boatloads of westbound cruisers gathered here are stowing their lists of unfinished projects, lashing down deck gear, and heading out into the vast Pacific Ocean.

98Saving Our Boatyards One Permit at a Time

Recreational boatyards, or facilities that serve primarily vessels less than 65 feet in length, are an essential piece of the social and industrial ecosystem that supports recreational boating. Boatyards are also the most vulnerable link in that ecosystem.

102Banderas Bay Regatta – March in Paradise

The 2019 Banderas Bay Regatta didn't disappoint. Now in its 27th year, this edition of one of the longest-running cruiser's regattas on the West Coast hosted an eclectic mix of 30 boats.

106Max Ebb: New Spin

A spinnaker on a rolling boat can produce an aerodynamic force that pulls the boat in the direction it's already rolling.

118World of Chartering

Do's and Don'ts for First-Time Charterers