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2010 Calendar


The OYRA Series and YRA Weekend Regattas all have Shorthanded Divisions. Go to for details. Sequoia YC has a shorthanded series for local racers. The Singlehanded Sailing Society hosts seven local races and the Singlehanded TransPac in even years.

JAN. 30 SSS Three Bridge Fiasco
FEB. 27 Single/Doublehanded #1, SeqYC
MARCH 12 Rites of Spring Race, OYC
MARCH 12 Doublehanded Long Distance, SSC
MARCH 19 Corinthian Race, SSS
MARCH 26 Doublehanded Farallones, BAMA
APRIL 2 Doublehanded Lightship Race, IYC
APRIL 16 YRA OYRA Lightship, StFYC
APRIL 23 Round the Rocks, SSS
APRIL 30-MAY 1 YRA Great Vallejo Race, VYC
MAY 7 Single/Doublehanded #2, SeqYC
MAY 14 Singlehanded Farallones Race, SSS
MAY 21 YRA OYRA Duxship
MAY 27 Spinnaker Cup to Monterey, SFYC/MPYC
JUNE 11 YRA OYRA Farallones Race
JULY 24 Doublehanded Races, LTWYC
JUNE 25 YRA OYRA Half Moon Bay Race, HMBYC
JULY 9 YRA Westpoint Regatta, SeqYC
JULY 16 YRA OYRA Jr. Waterhouse
JULY 16 Jill and Jack Race, SSC
JULY 23 Single/Doublehanded #3, SeqYC
JULY 30-31 YRA Second Half Opener, EYC
AUG. 6 YRA OYRA RCs Choice
AUG. 21 Singlehanded Race, LTWYC
AUG. 21 Gracie & George Race, EYC
AUG. 27-28 YRA OYRA / SSS Drake's Bay Race
SEPT. TBD Jack and Jill Regatta, SCYC
SEPT. 10 Single/Doublehanded #4, SeqYC
SEPT. 24 Half Moon Bay Race, SSS
SEPT. 24-25 YRA Season Closer
OCT. 1 Shorthanded Races, TYC
OCT. 8 YRA OYRA RCs Choice
OCT. 15 Single/Doublehanded #5, SeqYC
OCT. 22-23 Vallejo 1-2, SSS
NOV.  6 Jack & Jill + 1 Race (Triplehanded), IYC
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