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Get Your Kids on the Water This Spring and Summer
Bay Area youth usually enjoy a lot of time on the water over the warmer months. Therefore we've created a Youth Sailing page where you can find program information and contact details for local sailing clubs, associations and community sailing organizations.
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Complete your ASA IQCs at MSC! Our new instructors receive 100% tuition reimbursement for each clinic after teaching their first course at the level.
US Sailing's Starboard Portal
Bay Area sailors Liz Baylis and Nicole Breault will discuss getting involved in match racing. The Starboard Portal will present the event as part of their online series.
Why go anywhere else?
The easiest and closest escape is the Bay that sits right in the middle of us Bay Area residents. In fact, it's called the 'Bay Area' because that's its primary feature and greatest asset.
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2021 Sailing Calendar

And YRA Master Schedule

The complete Northern California racing guide. Pick up your copy from a local distributor, read it online, or download the PDF.

Berkeley Marina
Magazine Features: February 2021

Latitude 38 Sail-a-Gram

Just because there’s a health crisis ashore it doesn’t mean you’re not out sailing and smiling.

Island Hopping in the Bay

Mr. Shrode and I were able to embark on travels to nearby places we've all seen but seldom if ever visited.

Jim DeWitt —Sailor, Sailmaker, Artist

Jim DeWitt, a renowned sailor, sailmaker, boat designer and artist based in Point Richmond turns 91 in February.

The Refit of 'Avocet'–Toe Rail to Bulwark

My husband Chris and I removed the teak toe rail from our 1979 Cheoy Lee 41 Avocet, and in its place constructed a bulwark, pulling inspiration from one of the most notable boatbuilders, Lyle Hess.

South Pacific on Hold – Waiting Out the Pandemic

With the daily news still dominated by horrific COVID-19 stats, the economy wheezing along on life support, and political rancor more intense than ever, the idea of setting sail on an extended South Pacific cruise seems extremely appealing.

Max Ebb – the Optimal Wind Is Free

By the end of the session, you will have downloaded and installed your very own weather routing optimization program, loaded a GRIB file, and calculated the fastest route to Hawaii, based on the latest wind forecast, for a boat similar to yours.