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How’s Your April Sailing Shaping Up?

By Monica Grant | April 21, 2021 |
April Sailing

George Scott and his crew entered their first OYRA race together aboard s/v ‘Freyja’, and they had a blast!

Cruisers versus Turtle Bay Kids
The game is the way baseball should be played — pitches every 10 seconds, no strikeouts, women are always safe, and there are 25 to 35 people on the field, some of them making out or enjoying lunch.
Flying High
The splintering wood sound was followed by some high-pitched and high-volume human voices issuing sail handling instructions, dispensed with much urgency.
Berkeley Marina
Magazine Features: October 2021

Rolex Big Boat Series

St. Francis Yacht Club's Rolex Big Boat Series had a full bucket: bone-chilling wind, the ubiquitous fog, drizzle, gusts and shifts, blowing mist, calms, sparkling sun, rainbows, puffy clouds, ebb chop and sea spray.

Delta Doo Dah Lucky 13

How lucky are we? We're lucky to have the vast California Delta right out our back door. Lucky to have such a lightly populated playground so close to the crowded and hectic San Francisco Bay Area.

Baja Ha-Ha — Back to the Future

The list of participants has only lengthened since we published the profiles of a few of the growing 2021 fleet of Baja Ha-Ha ralliers in our September issue. It's an impressive crowd of 190 boats planning to sail in company from San Diego to Cabo as the vast majority make the Ha-Ha a first step in a longer-term adventure.

College or Sailing to Hawaii?

Bella Siegrist and Tyler Savage were completing high school and planning to attend college in Bend, Oregon, when suddenly, the world shut down due to COVID-19. The 19-year-old students had the option to attend online classes from their home in San Diego or to wait out the pandemic and find something else to do in the meantime.

Max Ebb — Spinnaker School

The sound of splintering wood got my attention — but there wasn't enough wind for a hard docking on this calm and clear morning. Only a slight hint of a sea breeze, promising a cool afternoon that would keep the marina comfortable despite the high-temperature warnings posted for later in the day.

Racing Sheet

This edition we race to the North Bay with the YRA Great Vallejo Race and the Jazz Cup. Then we head to the Cityfront for the combo Santa Cruz 27 Nationals, Aldo Alessio and Phyllis Kleinman Swiftsure Cup. Offshore destinations include the Drake's Bay, Half Moon Bay and Avila Beach. The Mercury fleet races in Stillwater Cove and Keller Cove, and Sequoia YC's Midnight Moonlight rounds TI.
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