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Passage Nautical June Webinar Series

If you’re considering the purchase of a boat, it’s important to be as informed about the process as possible. Passage Nautical is committed to informing, by creating a series of live webinars that give you the insights and knowledge to make the right choices, and maximize the value of your buying experience. Each webinar is focused on a different aspect of the boat-buying process. With more than 35 years of industry experience and thousands of boat sales, Passage Nautical is in a unique position to share honest and learned advice. The webinar schedule for June is:

Passage June Webinar

June 3: Your Yacht as a Business Webinar

  • Learn the tax and ownership advantages of placing your boat in a charter program.
  • Learn how to track and structure expenses to maximize tax benefits.
  • Get a clear picture of the process and how it will fit with your boating dreams and lifestyle.

Passage June Webinar

June 10: How to Buy a Used Boat Webinar

  • Learn the importance of comparing boats locally vs regionally.
  • Learn the benefits and possible risks when buying used, and the financial details.
  • Understand the overall process and the pitfalls, and how to navigate these.
  • This webinar is also a great refresher if it’s been a while since your last boat purchase.

Passage Webinar

June 16: Anatomy of a Survey Webinar

  • Learn valuable information on all the types of surveys to do at the time of purchase.
  • Learn how to choose a surveyor and the qualifications for professional Marine Surveyors.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your survey.
RC Boats and Beer Cans
Chris Sullivan is an avid RC sailboat racer, especially in the One Metre Class. Last week, Chris organized a bit of informal COVID-19 RC sailboat scrimmaging at the Richmond Yacht Club.