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Only 28,000 Miles to Go

The charge of the light brigade – nearly 40 boats crossed the starting line at this year’s World ARC Rally.

© 2008 Terry Drew

"We were off St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean on Wednesday for the start of the World ARC around the world rally," report Terry and Evelyn Drew of the Santa Cruz / Caribbean-based Aquarelle. "There were 35 starters in St. Lucia, with more to join the fleet in Panama and Australia. Two U.S. boats started, with another to join them on the other side of the Canal. It’s going to take the fleet 15 months to go around. First across the line and headed for Panama was Far Out, a Southern Wind 72 from Denmark. One of the starters, Viva, was in the yard with us just a week ago getting repairs made to the skeg. Petra, the only woman skipper in the event, said she was still looking for crew for some of the upcoming legs."

Even if the colorful paintjob on Roger Langevin’s French-flagged 50-ft trimaran Branec IV might scare away the fish, she’ll be going too fast to catch them anyway.

© Terry Drew

"As for us," the couple continue, "next week we’ll be headed up to the Saintes off the coast of Guadeloupe."

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