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Melges 32s Produce

The Bay is turning out some sterling conditions for the Melges 32 Worlds.

© Sharon Green

Picking up where they left off at the Rolex Big Boat Series, Italian Luca Lalli and his B-lin Sailing team are in the lead the Melges 32 Worlds. With a slim three-point lead going into today’s races — which have been pushed back until 1 p.m. — Lalli’s boys have their work cut out for them. With early leader Andy Lovell’s Rougarou lurking just behind and Speedboat owner Alex Jackson’s Leenabarca just two points behind, and Jon Porter’s Full Throttle another two points back, it’s anyone’s regatta at this point. Only two boats in the top five, B-lin and Jeff Ecklund’s Star, haven’t finished a race in the 20s in the 32-boat fleet.

John Kilroy Jr.’s Samba Pa Ti gets launched at the Melges 32 Worlds.

© Sharon Green

Defending champion and pre-regatta favorite Bliksem is in seventh and, with the volatility in the scoring, are still in the hunt. There has been plenty of carnage, with the latest victim being Joe Woods’ team Red getting speared by Michael Dominguez’ Bronco yesterday when the former wiped out right in front of the latter. The regatta continues through tomorrow, and if you have a chance to get on the the water, this one is making for some good spectating — although be advised, there is a 100-yard exclusion zone being rigorously enforced. With the way these guys keep buying the farm, it’s for your safety.

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Capt. P.A. Dunn was nice enough to explain the story of two boats up on the beach at ‘Cojo’ that we wrote about in Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic.
If you’re reading this, you’re either a sailor or you want to become a sailor, and this weekend will offer some great opportunites no matter which you are.
Santa Barbara no longer holds the record, and judging from this photo taken from where Profligate is currently anchored off Stearns Wharf, it seems an unlikely candidate to have ever been.