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In Celebration of the El Toro

Fans of the El Toro, sailing enthusiasts, and Richmond Bay Trail users are invited to a special event at 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 16, celebrating the installation of a full-size El Toro sculpture along the Bay Trail at the Boat Ramp Street shoreline access off Cutting Blvd., just east of Canal Blvd., in Richmond.

The sculpture is life-sized.

SF Bay Trail
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The enduring 8-ft pram was designed at this location during bull sessions in 1940. The intention was to create an-easy-to-build sailboat that could be constructed from two sheets of plywood. The grown ups wanted a boat that would keep the kids busy, but then wound up racing the little crafts themselves.

The El Toro Exhibit was conceived by Nancy Strauch, designed by Bruce Brubaker, engineered by Clausen Engineers, fabricated by Melissa McDonald, and installed by Mark Howe and Paul Kaplan. The panel was written by Nancy Strauch and designed by Jan Brown. Funding came from Grace and Bill Bodle and the Wakeman family, with support from BCDC and ABAG Bay Trail Project.

See the event flyer, and RSVP if you plan to attend.

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Even if you put Biobor or any other fuel stabilization product into a sailboat’s diesel tank, after a year or so the fuel loses its "caloric oomph."