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Get Onboard With the ‘Latitude 38 BOGO Special’

This offer is available to new or returning subscribers only. This means first time subscribers, or you are a previous subscriber whose subscription lapsed one or more years ago. The same applies to your friend.

The ‘Latitude 38 BOGO Special’ will run from today through April 20.

The six-month subscription rates are as follows:

$18 – Third-Class Postage (US only, delivery time 2-3 weeks — USPS will not forward Third-Class mail)

$27.50 – First-Class Postage (US only, delivery time 2-3 days — FPO/APO [military] and correctional-facility subscriptions MUST be First Class.)

Follow the link below to sign up and give yourself and a friend the best gift ever!

‘Latitude 38 BOGO Special’ *

Fill in the form for yourself, then write to [email protected] to provide the details of the second subscription (name, mailing address, phone number).

*This offer includes a free subscription to our 3 x weekly online stories in ‘Lectronic Latitude.