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If you’re wondering what that colorful speed blur is on the Cityfront, it’s fifty of the world’s fastest kiteboarders racing in the Hydrofoil World Tour, hosted by the St.
This item will be of particular interest to sailors who use gas-powered outboards as their primary source of auxiliary power or for their dinghy.
Happy World Oceans Day, everyone. Now in its 26th year, World Oceans Day started as an annual event to embolden "the voice of ocean" and coastal communities around the world.
Delta Ditch Run fleet members were looking good sailing past the Brothers Islands north of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge on Saturday, June 2.
Last weekend, Roger Briggs wrote in saying that he was about to do the first race of the season with the San Luis Yacht Club, which sails out of Avila Beach.
This week, the first Olympic-related event is being held at Treasure Island Sailing Center’s newly envisioned high-performance training facility.
In Friday’s ‘Lectronic Latitude we slipped this line into our first story about the delivery of the new issue: "The first person to send us a photo of themselves with the new June copy of Latitude 38 wins a hat.
Randall Reeves is about a month away from San Francisco. The Bay Area native is returning home, and plans to make another attempt at the Figure 8 Voyage in the fall.
What makes for the most popular sailing channel on YouTube? Just do your thing and follow you heart, said Sailing SV Delos, the most popular sailing channel on YouTube. Last
The new issue of Latitude 38 was put on the trucks this morning and is being delivered around the Bay Area and up and down the West Coast to our ‘exclusive’ list of distributors.
Are you looking to sail in the serene beauty of a lake? Here’s a note from Patrick Nolan: Shallow water?
The following call to action came to us by way of the Richmond Yacht Club Sailing Advisory Committee and Board of Directors: "PICYA [Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association] and RBOC [Recreational Boaters of California] have called on their member clubs to contact their congressional representatives to oppose proposed elimination of judicial review of the California WaterFix (‘Twin Tunnels’) project.
In the March edition of Latitude, writer Greg Winters explored the phenomenon of so-called ‘YouTube Sailors’, a group of cruisers and amateur (but increasingly professional) videographers who have highly successful, highly viewed ‘channels’ showcasing their sailing exploits — in rare cases, some of these cruisers are making a living from their videos. 
What does this guy know that you don’t know? latitude/John
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Those of us who dwell on the surface can have a hard time understanding what’s happening in the depths below and how it might affect our life on top.
Local Development
Attention Alameda residents, and anyone concerned about marine services, access, and the Bay Area’s working waterfront.
Stuck in the mud
We could see how well the mud held the small sailboat which anchored out overnight east of His Lordships restaurant, just south of Berkeley Marina
On the Bay
It’s been a gray, cool week but things are looking to get brighter, warmer and more colorful for a much better Memorial Day sailing weekend.
Last Saturday was crazy windy (again). While some battled their way to the Farallones and back singlehanded, others fought it out on the Berkeley Circle in San Francisco Yacht Club’s Elite Keel Regatta.
After last year’s hurricane season, we all might be paying a little more attention as this year’s season begins on June 1.
Leave the fog
Surrounded by race boats like Moore 24s and Santa Cruz and Express 27s, Larry Samson’s Catalina 30 Summerwind cruises back to her homeport of Stockton Sailing Club in the ‘Doo Dah Ditch Run’.
Out on the Bay
In the 8 a.m. hour it was already breeze-on for the competitors in the Singlehanded Farallones Race on Saturday.
Did you get it?
Last week, Ernest Galvan sent us this photo, promoting a pop DIY quiz: "This is a combination DIY," wrote Ernest Galvan.
Avid Bay Area racer, Helmut ‘Willi’ Zarth is this month’s winner of Latitude 38 logowear.
Gale Force Winds
On Monday’s ‘Lectronic Latitude, we asked the West Coast about their weekend. Last Saturday in San Francisco, we had gnarly, gale-force winds offering both glory and carnage for sailors.
The Victoria-Maui race finishes in beautiful Lahaina, Maui. With a bustling town and harbor, perfect weather, fun surf and crystal-clear waters, Lahaina is the perfect place to rest and relax after a long and strenuous yacht race from Canada.
Richmond Yacht Club will host the new and improved Lipton Cup on June 15-17. RYC Staff Commodore Dick Loomis explains how the regatta was reimagined: In the fall of 2016, a small group of commodores got together for lunch at Encinal Yacht Club.
While sailing, there are many good reasons to call for a tack. One is when you’re about to sail between a large LPG tanker and a USCG patrol boat with an attentive-looking gunner at the battle station.
Following last week’s two-part DIY ‘Lectronic series, we got the following from Ernest Galvan: "This is a combination DIY.
The yacht club originally scheduled to run the OYRA Duxship Race on May 12 was unable to do so.