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Archive for October 2014
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Mexican Paperwork Wallows in Chaos

Jim Milski of the Lake City, Colorado-based Schionning 49 Sea Level has sailed around the world. He’s doing another Baja Ha-Ha this year with his wife Kent, and wanted to do all the paperwork by the book. More »
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The Biblical Job Was a Sniveling Whiner

We don’t care what anybody says, the Biblical Job didn’t suffer anywhere nearly as much as the Grand Poobah of the Baja Ha-Ha has in his endless attempts to make paperwork requirements understandable to normal human beings wanting to bring their boats to Mexico. More »

Farr 40 Worlds Preview

Farr 40s Nightshift, Plenty, and Voodoo Chile racing on the Cityfront in September’s Rolex Big Boat Series. © While seven teams of top-level sailors tackle the North Atlantic in the ‘Everest of Sailing’ (aka the Volvo Ocean Race), 19 teams, with no shortage of rock stars onboard, will be tackling the waters of San Francisco Bay this week. More »

Checking in From Out There

No, this image hasn’t been color-adjusted in Photoshop. The water in Tonga really is that blue, clear and inviting.  © Livia Gilstrap "I remember the sun rising over the peaks and the spicy floral smell of the island; the giddy feeling that we had actually sailed our home to the South Pacific." More »

Volvo Ocean Race Starts Tomorrow

An aerial view of Saturday’s race around the cans in Alicante. © David Ramos / Volvo Ocean Race Seven teams will start the 39,000-mile around-the-world Volvo Ocean Race tomorrow in Alicante, Spain, bound for Cape Town, South Africa. More »
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Mexican Paperwork Questions

Tomorrow the Baja Ha-Ha rally’s Grand Poobah and others will be attending an invitation-only meeting in Huntington Beach that will address the many problems with paperwork for boats and people going to Mexico this winter. More »