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Eric Willbur and Emmy Newbould are currently exploring New Zealand aboard their Brickyard Cove-based Flying Dutchman 37 Nataraja.
Jim and Julie Focha of the Stockton-based Westsail 32 Worldwind shared a story that illustrates one reason why Mexico is such a popular cruising ground.
The Coast Guard has been a hot topic in the Letters section of Latitude 38 in recent months, from praise for the dramatic rescue of the J World crew during last fall’s Baja Ha-Ha to criticism for not doing more to salvage the grounded JoJo.
Every longtime sailor has considered the ‘what ifs’ of falling overboard at sea.
If you haven’t done so already, and find yourself with an extra 10 minutes you don’t know what to do with, hop on over to our reader survey.
We’re full of good gossip this week. First it was Brad Pitt in Sausalito, now the word on the docks is that Paul Cayard’s Santa Cruz 50 Hula Girl may soon be sold into a very active local sailing school program for participation in events to Hawaii and Mexico.
Awards season isn’t just for movies, and while the ISAF and the Rolex US Sailing awards usually garner the lion’s share of the press, they aren’t the only ones out there.
BMW Oracle Racing’s mega-tri, now dubbed USA and bearing the sail number 17, Larry Ellison’s vanity number, tears it up off Valencia.
Which mega movie star who was once married to another mega movie star and is now partnered up with and even bigger mega movie star stopped by Sausalito yesterday to check out David Rothschild’s eco-adventure cat Plastiki?
Seminars will be split this season between Vallarta YC, at the Paradise Village Resort (shown here), and Marina Riviera Nayarit.
The Singlehanded Sailing Society is presenting one of the most important seminars for this summer’s Singlehanded TransPac: Communications and Electronic Navigation.
This isn’t the first time Cork has seen trouble. In November, they T-boned England’s Hull & Humber at the start of Race 4, leaving both boats behind to effect repairs.
In the days following his acquittal last August on charges that he was the primary cause of the 2006 death of Lynn Thornton, Bismarck Dinius has tried to pick up the pieces of his life.
Taking kids away from their normal routine and introducing them to the active, adventurous lifestyle of cruising can have lifelong benefits.
Sam’s is a popular watering hole for boaters and landlubbers alike – with the former often putting on a show for the latter.
Some folks prepare for decades to do the Puddle Jump. Others, like Louis and Alicia, simply get a spur-of-the-moment inspiration, like deciding they’d rather sail back to Oz than fly.
Reader Jim Barrett posed a question we couldn’t answer. "I enjoy Latitude 38 and was wondering if you might know whether a magazine like yours is published in Sydney, Australia?
There were two very interesting incidents in the November-December Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) from the Canary Islands to the 2,700-mile distant St.
Spanish Fly! BMW Oracle’s 100-ft tri was off-loaded from a cargo ship in Valencia on Monday to begin training for the 33rd America’s Cup.
Gliding across flat water with a gentle breeze and majestic Mt. Baker as a backdrop – why would anyone want to sail the Northwest?
They call it a “fiasco” for a reason. It’s about the most fun charlie-foxtrot you can willingly get yourself into.
One of the rewards of the cruising lifestyle is unexpected gifts from Mother Nature, such as glorious sunsets in tranquil anchorages.
Neville Crichton’s R/P 100 Alfa Romeo pounds toward Hobart. © 2010 Rolex / Daniel Forester The largest-ever collection of custom, 100-ft maxis were no match for three Australia-based, 40-ft production boats in the ’09 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.
Fewer things on a boat are less sexy than a dehumidifier, but damp winters certainly justify their use.
We figure that every 30 years or so it’s important to visit another part of the world to see if we can learn from the way other people do things, particularly with regard to boats and the water.