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Sailing is awesome.

For more than 40 years Latitude 38 has covered the world of sailing through the eyes of the West Coast sailor. We’ve provided sailors the connections, stories and inspiration from our sailing community, and kept you informed by reporting the good news and bad news, insights, entertainment, fun activities and antics from sailors near and far.

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'Lectronic Latitude

Hornblower San Francisco

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Coming to San Francisco Bay With Hornblower

Clean energy development continues its leaps forward with San Francisco Bay-based Hornblower Cruises landing a grant to develop the technology on the Bay.

San Mateo County Health

Learn How Your Actions Can Protect Our Bay, Ocean and Wildlife

Environmental Health Services works to ensure a safe and healthy environment in San Mateo County through education, regulation, and monitoring.

A rainbow in Whangerei

New Zealand To Reopen Maritime Borders Ahead of Schedule

New Zealand’s borders will open on July 31, two months ahead of schedule.

Sailing in the Delta

Delta Doo Dah 14 Kicks Off This Saturday

Latitude 38 and Richmond Yacht Club will kick off the summer cruising season with a gathering and seminar.

Oakland Yacht Club Boat Auction

Oakland Yacht Club Boat Auction

Oakland Yacht Club, Live Boat Auction, Tuesday, May 24th. Viewing at 10:00 a.m.