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Marine Servicenter wins Double Dealer of the year Awards – Again!

Congratulations to Marine Servicenter So Cal for its 2nd Consecutive North America Sailboat Dealer of the Year Award!  Jeanneau ranked the top 4 Dealers for 2023 and named Marine Servicenter So Cal #1 Dealer of the Year for the 2nd Year in a row and named Marine Servicenter PNW #2 Dealer of the Year for the 2nd year in a row. This also marks the 5th consecutive year Marine Servicenter PNW has won a Jeanneau North America Dealer of the Year award.

Marine Servicenter - Dan Krier
The Marine Servicenter crew, Thibaud Maudet (President Jeanneau America),Bradley Avery (MSC Marina Del Rey), John Sheppard (MSC Seattle), Catherine Guiader (Sales Manager Jeanneau America), Dan Krier (Vice President Marine Servicenter), and Tom Hall (MSC San Diego). have been notching up awards and sales of new Jeanneau sailboats!
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With the Double Dealer of the Year awards (again!) in 2023, Marine Servicenter is the most celebrated Jeanneau Sailboat Dealer in North America over the past decade with a total of 8 awards since 2016.

The Dealer of the Year Award is given to top-performing Dealers in North American based not only on sales volume but also on after-sales customer care, owner events, customer satisfaction and overall service to the customer and the brand.

Marine Servicenter sends out a BIG THANK YOU to all of their Jeanneau Owners in So Cal and the Pacific Northwest for purchasing Jeanneau Sailboats and would like to share these Awards with all of their happy owners. These Awards are not won by an individual’s alone, it takes a Team of dedicated professionals to provide top notch after sales care to our customers. The entire Team at Marine Servicenter looks forward to many more happy Jeanneau owners joining our growing West Coast family.

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