Steampunk Sail
A steampunk sailing adventure to celebrate the last weekend of winter, and the first really nice weekend for months.
A case of the mondays
On Monday’s we like to surf the www-dots to see what kind of sailing news percolated over the weekend.
Round the World Race
Since it began last July, we’ve been calling the 50th anniversary of the Golden Globe Race the most grueling ocean racing event in recent memory.
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2019 Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show

Thu-Sun April 4-7, 2019

The the largest event of its kind in Northern California and one of the most fun events in the calendar for sailors of all kinds to get together over seminars, parties, and a chance to see the latest boating inventions. Latitude readers can use our discount code »

Magazine Features: March 2019

The Perfect Sailing Life

We first met Eric Loss and Shanley McEntee last year in Sausalito. The husband and wife are, respectively, the chief skipper and first mate of Sea Dragon, a 72-ft, steel vessel run by Pangaea Exploration.

RegattaPro Winter One Design

The RegattaPRO Winter One Series started in 2002 as a one one-design series for the Bay Area Farr 40 fleet. They wanted to keep their chops up during the 'off' season.

David Liebenberg Profile

Olympic hopeful David Liebengerg, now 27, starting racing aboard his parents' Express 27 Friday at the tender age of 2. By age 3 had became a regular on the crew, but he had to wait until he was 7 to join the Richmond YC Junior Program.

Sea Plasma

The navigator lived intimately with the esoteric at one of Earth's outposts. His father was a paluelap, a grandmaster navigator who, holding him in tide pools and gentle surf, let the pulse of the Pacific first frighten then awe then osmose his baby son who would become a palu at age 20.

Max Ebb: Cavitation 101

Southern California waters are a welcome change from the rainy season in San Francisco Bay: The seabreeze is warm and the palm trees seem to belong.

World of Chartering

Based on the number of trips he's taken in the past 20 years, it's obvious that Bay Area sailor Art Hartinger is completely addicted to yacht charter vacationing.