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Falling in Love with Changed Plans
The Sunday before we were set to fly to Greece, we were banned from entering the EU. By some miracle, we were able to charter a yacht in Turkey.
Changes in Procedure
A lot of sailors are under the impression that checking into Mexico in Cabo San Lucas is impossible or difficult. There are a few changes in the procedure for checking in there.
Solo Nonstop Round-the-World Race
The Vendée Globe has been further shaped by attrition. Englishman Alex Thomson continues to bleed miles and positions while effecting repairs to his stricken IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss.
Berkeley Marina
Magazine Features: November 2020

Lin Pardey in Tasmania

A flight of pelicans skim the sun-sparkled water just a dozen feet from where we lie at anchor. A flock of black swans waddle across the exposed mud flats a hundred yards to leeward. No sight or sound of traffic or city life; no moorings, no other boats, nothing but us and the birds.

Doublehanded Farallones

BAMA selected September 19 as the do-over date for the 41st Doublehanded Farallones Race. The currents on the 19th weren't ideal, but they were manageable. Arguably, the second half of September is a great time to sail out to the Farallones.

Nada Ha-Ha Profiles

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite the pandemic, whales, birds and sailors are all still planning to migrate south this fall. With a bit of uncertainty in the air and without the Baja Ha-Ha, the numbers will certainly be reduced — at least at first.

Delta Doo Dah — The Bay Bash

The Delta Doo Dah Dozen, a DIY cruising rally taking place over the course of the late spring and summer season, proved wildly popular in times of pandemic. But what comes next? You've got your boat upriver and downwind; now you've got to get downriver and upwind.

Max Ebb: Goodbye Columbus

It didn't take long to discover what was going on. The object of all the attention was a small statue of Christopher Columbus. He was holding a cross-staff, the 15th-century forerunner of the sextant.

Racing Sheet

SCYC and MPYC facilitated the 2020 Laser District 24 Championship; BYC made up for lost time with the S.I.P. Escape; the YRA Doublehanded Encinal Regatta sailed out to Point Bonita, and Alameda yacht clubs co-sponsored the Estuary Extravaganza the next day.