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June 30 - South Africa

You can't make a one-egg omlette for 20 cruisers without breaking an ostrich egg. When C. Robb Lane and his family aboard the C&C 61 'Sorcery' stopped in Mossel Bay, South Africa, a couple of years ago during their circumnavigation, they became part of 'The Great Ostrich Feast'. The single egg in the foreground fed the whole group!

After cruisers cross the Pacific and make their way into the Indian Ocean, they face a major decision on how to get to the Atlantic: via the Red Sea and the Med, or via South Africa. There are good reasons to go either way. The good parts of going by way of South Africa are getting to see the game preserves, the great hospitality of the South African yacht clubs, and the trip up the South Atlantic, which is normally the sweetest long passage in the world. On the negative side, the coast of South Africa serves up some of the worst weather on the planet and the murder rate is seven times that of the United States.

Photo Courtesy C. Robb Lane

Weather Updates

June 29 - Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Weather

The brisk breezes have resumed along the California coast, but the Singlehanded TransPac fleet to Hawaii is still having to deal with unusually light winds.

Click here to see enlarged graphic.

University of Hawaii Meteorology Graphic

California Coast Weather

For buoy readings along the coast, check out Wind speed, direction and wave heights are updated hourly.

Tropical Disturbances

All is quiet in the tropical zones. A month or two from now, there'll be as many as six tropical storms or more in a single day.


Baja Ha-Ha Update

June 29 - Baja Ha-Ha World Headquarters

As of the end of June, the Grand Poobah reports that more than 100 entry packets have been sent out and 12 entries are paid up. Why return entry forms right away? Berths are rare in Cabo, but any available berths are will be assigned in the order that folks sign up for the Ha-Ha.

Entries to date are:

1. Mykonos, Swan 44 MK II, Myron & Marina Eisenzimmer, Mill Valley, CA
2. Balquhidder, Mapleleaf 42 CC, Don Patterson, Tacoma, WA
3. Reunion, Catalina 42 MK, Dan Smith, San Diego
4. Nordic Maiden, Hudson Force 50, Ken Burns, Poulsbo, WA
5. Limerence, Beneteau 37, Douglas & Judy Decker, Milwaukee, WI
6. Tai Tam II, Island Packet 40, Thomas & Kathyrn Knueppel, San Francisco
7. Pipe Dream, Endeavour 40, Ferdy Sant, Yuma, AZ
8. LogOn, 41' Hunter 410, Douglas & Nancy Peltzer, San Francisco
9. Sipapu, Morgan Out-Island 41, Jake Holshuh, Long Beach
10. Indara, 45' Norseman 447, Eric & Christine Stephen, Gig Harbor, WA
11. Karibu, Cheoy Lee 35, Steve & Gabby McCrosky, Newport Beach
12. Nexus, Island Packet 40, B. Chipman & G. Harding, San Francisco

Check out the official Ha-Ha Website at


June 30 - Pacific Ocean

Victoria to Maui Race

Sailing in 12 to 18 knots of foggy wind, the Santa Cruz 70 'Grand Illusion' posted 284 miles to take the lead in Class A of the 17th Victoria to Maui Race. For details, visit

Singlehanded TransPac

Anna Stockel reports she was doing 9.5 knots under the chute with her Santa Cruz 50 'Sundowner', Ron Corbin says he's lost the use of both his autopilots and had a whale cuddle his Olson 30 'Still Crazy', and Jim Rumer looks to be way short of electrical power aboard his Express 27 'Killer', so there's no end to the excitement. Check it out at


June 30 - San Francisco Bay

We will not be publishing 'Lectronic Latitude over the holidays because we're going to be doing lots of sailing. So check out the 'back issues'. (Click on 'Index of Stories below.)

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