The week is only half over but it’s already been a newsy one in the Golden Globe nonstop solo around-the-world race.
Jacqueline in Hanalei
Singlehanded TransPac
Mike Cunningham anchors his Freedom 30 Jacqueline in Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, after finishing the 2018 Singlehanded TransPacific Yacht Race on July 8.© 2018 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris Mike Cunningham reports: No, I don’t want to look at that chart.
Good things often emerge in the face of adversity. We have been reporting on the aggressive tactics of the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, or BCDC, regarding Westpoint Harbor in Redwood City, and against John Sweeney at Point Buckler in Suisuin Bay.
While this year’s East Coast hurricanes have wrought horrendous damage in Florida and the Carolinas, Hurricane Sergio flew under the radar, though it already has its own Wikipedia page. 
Magazine Features: October 2018

Delta Doo Dah X

The 10th Delta Doo Dah cruising rally started out much like the 9th, with a kickoff party and seminar at Richmond Yacht Club the day before Mother's Day.

Offshore Communication

We'll share some offshore communication tips and insights that we hope will reduce your befuddlement.

Helena Scutt

It's pretty unlikely that you haven't heard of Helena Scutt if you followed the 2016 Rio Olympic sailing events — she and Paris Henken finished in the top 10 of the 49er FX class.

Passin’ Through

Like so many great West Coast migrations, this time of year sees flocks, pods and gaggles of cruisers making their way from the Pacific Northwest, passin' through the Bay Area, and heading south for warmer latitudes.

Randall Reeves

Randall Reeves has his eyes on the prize to complete the Figure 8.

Racing Sheet

A Jazz Cup Like It's Meant to Be