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July 20 - Hollywood

Trading Spouses wants a Yachting / Sailing Family, with Mom getting a chance to spend $50,000.

"My name is Brooke Krinsky, and I work in casting for the television show Trading Spouses. For our upcoming season, we're looking to cast a family that is involved in sailing either as a profession or personal pastime. We look for families who are outgoing with big personalities and have a unique family dynamic. I want to talk to a range of people in the business or who love the hobby and even those of you who live on your boats!

"Here are some of the basics for participation:
Couples must be married with children over 6.
If the family has kids under 6, the whole family is ineligible.
The family must have at least one kid 6-18 years old.
Mom and Dad must have full custody of the kids.
All members of the family must be citizens and residents of the United States.

"This is how the show works:
Mom trades with another Mom for seven days.
During that time she gets to experience a family dynamic different from hers.
After the seven days - Mom gets to spend $50,000 on the family she's visiting!

"Our filming schedule:
Families film for a 7-10 day window between late August and early November.

"Audition Deadline:
This is our last week of casting so interested families must contact me (Brooke) ASAP! (323) 802-0584
We'll do a 15-minute phone interview.
I submit the notes.
If there's follow up - The family must do a home video audition TONIGHT!
The audition takes about three hour to complete.
The family would then overnight the footage to me the next morning."

- Brooke Krinsky, Casting Associate
Rocket Science Laboratories
(323) 802-0584


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