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Anybody Out there Want a Good Laugh?

June 14 - San Francisco

We thought so. Then you've got to check out www.svsereia.com, which is the website of Peter and Antonia Murphy, who are in the early stages of what they plan to be a circumnavigation aboard their San Francisco-based Mariner 36 "brick shithouse" ketch. These folks are young, irreverent, and bring a fun-loving art school attitude toward cruising. If you're young, or still young enough at heart to view life as an art project, you'll want to hang with them.

If you visit their site, go to 'photos', then right at the top, 'Pimp My Ride'. It's not uncommon, of course, for people to pimp their cars or motorcycles, but this is the first ketch we've seen that has been pimped. Think "Sexy Morrocan Makeover", with bright contrasting colors and blinding stripes. If they ever make it to Jamaica, the locals will assume it's a local boat.

We were unable to download any of the 'pimping' video from their site, so you'll have to do that yourself. Meanwhile, say hello to Peter and Antonia of Rei-Rei.

Photos Courtesy Sereia

Oh Mon Dieu! The Maxi-Multis Multiply!!!

June 14 - Vannes

One thing about the French: When it comes to chasing records, as Olivier de Kersauson has proven, they do so in a big way. The latest example was unveiled earlier this week when Franck Cammas splashed his new 105-foot trimaran, Groupama 3, which reportedly will be the first foil-equipped multihull to venture into the windswept waters of the Southern Ocean. Cammas plans to trial the boat this summer off Brittany with plans to mount a fully-crewed assault on Bruno Peyron's round-the-world record of 50d, 16h, 20m, 4s in late 2007.

Cammas and his crew will have to keep a close watch, for they'll likely be sharing the seas with not one, but two solo countrymen who hope to knock off Ellen MacArthur's singlehanded record of 71d, 14h, 18m, 33s at around the same time. Friends and rivals Francis Joyon and Thomas Colville have both commissioned maxi-trimarans of roughly 100-feet LOA designed by the team of Nigel Irens and Benoit Cabaret. But the similarity ends there. Young buck Colville wants a high-tech, no-holds-barred machine, while the rugged, seasoned Joyon - the Shaquille O'Neal of solo sailing - has asked for a more economical, minimalist approach that he can drive for hours and hours on end. Colville's tri, Sodebo, is currently under construction in Australia while Joyon's IDEC II is being built in Lorient, France.

Cammas' new trimaran is the sixth multihull in excess of 100 feet built by Multiplast in France. Perhaps these two photos will help you appreciate how big such boats are.

Who's right? It'll be fun to watch and find out. But with more of the so-called G-Class maxis in the works, it appears the French are ready and able to spend beaucoup bucks to rule the record-setting waves.

By the way, the talk around the Corinthian YC, with Olivier de Kersauson's 110-ft maxi tri on a nearby mooring, is that there may be an even bigger Geronimo in the works.

Photos Yvan Zedda/Courtesy www.multiplast-yachts.com

Want to Cruise Across Indonesia?

June 14 - Indonesia

"My name is Bob Morgan, and I'm cruising a cutter-rigged Columbia 30. Originally from Vancouver, BC, I'm a sailing instructor who has sailed from Vancouver to Panama, and then on to Indonesia, where I am currently in the process of singlehanding to Thailand. I'm 42, in excellent physical condition, and looking for crew to share expenses. My boat has all the toys. I can be reached by email."

'Lectronic takes no responsibility for what might happen if you respond to this ad. After all, Morgan might be an axe murderer, and he might have also done a sexy Moroccan makeover to his boat. On the other hand, it may be the ticket to an opportunity for adventure.

Boatyard Owners Murdered in Venezuela

June 14 - Venezuela

"I can barely type this," writes Ellen Sanpere of Cayenne III. "Pierre Roelens and his wife Maria, owners of PR Yacht Services, the boatyard at Marina Bahia Redonda, were shot and killed this morning. They had been to the bank, and were followed to the boatyard gate, where several bullets were fired into the windscreen of their car. Nothing was taken, and the shooter(s) escaped. Of all the good people to kill, Pierre and Maria had been such a great help to both Venezuelans and visiting cruisers."

This is terrible news. Venezuela has great cruising and wonderful people, but it's also home to some random violence - and a president/dictator who has been encouraging class warfare.

Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor Sunny Weather . . .

June 14 - Mill Valley

On Monday, the first 130 entry packs for this fall's Baja Ha-Ha were sent out. The mailman was a good sport about the extra load, not complaining a bit or even filing a claim for workman's comp.

But the work's just begun for him, as in just the last two days, another 12 requests for packets were received.

Photos Latitude/John

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