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June 21 - San Francisco

We know it's still early in the season, but has this been an 'endless summer' on San Francisco Bay or what? For example, today's Photos of the Day are from last Friday Night's Beer Can Races out of the South Beach YC on the south side of the Bay Bridge. Perfect beer can conditions! The great weather is supposed to hold for the foreseeable future, so if you've got a sailboat, now is the time to use it!

Photos Latitude/Andy

Catamaran Eclipse Brought Back to Panama

June 21 - Panama

Eclipse, the 34-ft cat that was designed, built, and sailed tens of thousands of ocean miles by Brit Richard Woods before being abandoned in heavy weather in the Gulf of Tehuantepec months ago, was towed into Panama yesterday, reports John Haste of the San Diego-based Perry 52 cat Little Wing. Eclipse had been found far out into the Pacific about six weeks ago, stripped and covered in bird poop. Woods has reportedly started building a replacement cat.


Haste also reports that the old schooner Ranger, which had been a fixture in Puerto Vallarta, sank while on the hook at Panama during a particularly heavy southerly swell. Her owner then contracted to have her refloated. It took 150 barrels and four days.

As for Haste's cat Little Wing, she's just fine, thank you.

Jamaica Goes Hollywood!

June 21 - Port San Antonio, Jamaica

Officials in Jamaica have changed the name of Port San Antonio Marina to Errol Flynn Marina. For those who haven't read Latitude closely and don't know of the connection, here's the deal: The stunning harbor on the northeast tip of Jamaica was a particular favorite of the famous actor, who spent lots of time there with his Sausalito-built schooner Zaca, and who once described it as "the most beautiful woman he had ever seen." Mrs. Flynn, who was on hand for the announcement, rebutted the claim, saying, "Errol said it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen - until he met me!"

The occasion of the renaming was the visit of the Clipper Race fleet to Jamaica during their 35,000-mile circumnavigation.

Merrill Didn't Fall Overboard, He Committed Suicide

June 21 - Chesapeake Bay, MD

The body of Philip Merrill, a prominent publisher, former diplomat, and avid singlehander, was found on Monday, 10 days after his Bristol 41 Merrilly was found adrift on the Chesapeake. In a surprising twist, investigators found that he hadn't fallen overboard after all, but had committed suicide with a shotgun.

Merrill's family said that his "spirit had dimmed" after heart surgery, but they never suspected he would take his own life. Our condolences to the family.

Advertisement: Coast Guard Licensing in Sausalito

June 14 - Sausalito

Modern Sailing Academy will be offering a licensing course for the OUPV ('Six Pack') and 100-ton Master license in Sausalito starting on July 8.

The classes will take place on weekends and weeknights - click here for details: http://modernsailing.com/oupv.html or call Mollie Hagar at (800) 995-1668.

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