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October 24 - San Francisco

Today's Photos of the Day are of the five-race Calvin Paige Star Regatta that was held at the St. Francis YC over the weekend. Rohart Xavier and Pascal Rambeau topped the 21-boat fleet with a total of 9 points, a comfortable seven point margin over Jeff Madrigali and Anders Ekstrom in second with one of the Team Pegasus entries. The Star, of course, is an old, old design that's as popular as ever with the world's top sailors.

Photos Dick Enersen

One-Stop Clearing in Ensenada a Bust?

October 24 - Ensenada, Baja California

There's been a lot of talk about how great clearing into Mexico is supposed to be at Ensenada because the government has gone to all the trouble of putting all the officials in one building. Maybe it's not so great after all, the problem being that it's the people, not buildings, that do the actual clearing.

The first report we got on clearing in Ensenada was many months ago, and it wasn't all that complimentary, as the news was that the process still took an entire day if not overnight. Our most recent report, from October 18, is that by not being proactively helpful, officials made the process unpleasant and unnecessarily lengthy. We'll have that report for you when and if we get permission from the author.

Frankly we're glad we'll be doing the Baja Ha-Ha and clearing in at Cabo, where it's never been any worse than Ensenada appears to be now, and where for what we consider to be a reasonable amount of money, we could have an agent do the work for us while we sipped a beer sitting in a pool.

Just to remind everyone, the rules have changed, so after you've cleared into Mexico, you no longer have to check in with Immigration again until just before you leave the country, and in many places you'll be able to 'notify' the port captain of your arrival or departure by VHF radio and/or via a marina office. Some port captains may still require you to check in, but they can't charge you, and they can't make you use a ship's agent. We can't imagine they are going to want to do that for a long time.

North Sails to Provide Weather Report for Baja Ha-Ha

October 24 - San Diego

North Sails, the official Sailmaker of Baja Ha-Ha 12, has announced that they have partnered with expert meteorologist Chris Bedford and his team at Sailing Weather Services to provide one free weather forecast for the Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers Rally on October 30, 2005, the day before the rally begins. Anyone who is interested in receiving this detailed, long-range forecast via email, should sign up at North Sails' online weather center: http://na.northsails.com/ew/ew_main.taf.

For what it's worth, Yahoo weather is predicting sunny skies and 70-degree temperatures for next Monday's start, with similar conditions in San Diego for the following two days.

Buoyweather.com is forecasting 8-18 knots of wind off Ensenada for the first night of the rally.

So the long range forecast, which is obviously subject to change, is promising. During the duration of the Ha-Ha, we'll be getting weather reports from Commander's Weather, the official weather forecasters of the event.

Latitude Goes Hollywood!

October 24 - Hollywood

Catherine, the Set Decorating Coordinator of the movie You, Me & Dupree, starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon, and Michael Douglas, called to say, "We would like to use Latitude 38 magazine as set dressing in the movie," and asked permission to use it.

Serving as the magazine's agent, we tried our best to get it a speaking role, or at least credit above the title or whatever they call it, but we're no Mike Ovitz. So we settled for telling them of course they could use the magazine as a prop, and the best of luck with their endeavor.

Photo Latitude/Annie

Baja Ha-Ha Paid Entries Reach 150

October 24 - San Diego

Here's the list of boats paid up for next week's start. We hope you're on one of them!

1 Sea Ya Newport 30 Axel Heller Temple City, CA
2 Ti Amo Oyster 485 Carl Mischka Newport Beach, CA
3 Sandpiper Yorktown 35 Tom & Amy Larson Tiburon, CA
4 Aquarelle MT-42 Diane & Ken Kay Boerne, TX
5 Maestra Sunnfjord Trawler 47 John & Gaye Rodriguey Coupeville, WA
6 Duetto Norseman 430 Stuart & Jean Kaplan Chula Vista, CA
7 Rocinante Island Packet 38 Paul & Leslie Granger San Diego, CA
8 Free Spirit Beneteau 390 The Rieber Family Stockton, CA
9 Platinum Morgan 45 Clair & Mark Rommell San Francisco, CA
10 Liberty Call II Hunter 37.5 Ron Feldman & Anita Giani San Francisco, CA
11 Gypsy Columbia 52 Steve Washburn Long Beach, CA
12 Eagle's Nest Hunter Passage 42 The Ahlering Family San Francisco, CA
13 Epifania 45-ft Steel Sloop The Bentz Family Albuquerque, NM
14 Sensei Norseman 447 The Mellor Family Richmond, CA
15 Shiraz Hunter Passage 42 Phil & Nora McCaleb Sacramento, CA
16 Ohana Beneteau 45f5 The Plesons Family Santa Barbara, CA
17 Yemonja Island Packet 380 Mike Araneda & Linda Tromblay San Francisco, CA
18 Willow Westsail 32 BJ & Merry Loew Pasco, WA
19 Nootka Island Packet 40 Glen Read Edmonds, WA
20 Tranquillo Catalina 400 Lloyd Clauss & Colleen Huntington Beach, CA
21 Gettin' Around Catalina 400 Doug & June Springstead Suisun City, CA
22 Sea Lady Brewer 42 Stephen & Kay Terzian Bend, OR
23 In the Mood Sabre 38 Phillip & Madelyn Case Snohomish, WA
24 Bata Mor Island Packet 420 Timothy Harrington Phoenix, AZ
25 Ticket to Ride Celestial 50 Damien McCullough Santa Ana, CA
26 Bingo CF37 M. DeMeritt & Bryan Maher Hermosa Beach, CA
27 Beltane Halberg-Rassy 39 Steven Hannon Newport, OR
28 Windarra Roberts 44 Steve Bergo San Diego, CA
29 Gone Again J/42 Alex Schmid & Tina Hogan Macatawa, MI
30 Linda Bounty II 41 Stephen & Linda Maggart Elephant Butte, NM
31 Charissa Liberty 458 Tom Jones San Francisco, CA
32 Orion Pacific Seacraft 37 Jay Hall Punta Gorda, FL
33 Starlet Catalina 47 Rick & Marlene Bartlett Phoenix, AZ
34 Night Flight Hylas 46 Ann & Michael McDougall San Francisco, CA
35 Intuition C&C 39 XL Ron Holbrook Tacoma, WA
36 Bronco Morgan O/I 41 Nels Torberson Alameda, CA
37 Wind Chaser Beneteau 42 Harry Hazzard & Judy McKean San Diego, CA
38 Aquila Hylas 49 Michael & Linda Dawkins Ventura, CA
39 Natazak SC 52 Steve Williams & Loretta Komarczyk Santa Cruz, CA
40 Escapade Swan 56 Pieter Heerema Medemblik, Netherlands
41 Champagne Beneteau 42 Clark Hamm & Marga Bakker Los Angeles, CA
42 Windancer Catalina 38 Ed & Linda Pedigo Redwood City, CA
43 Dos Amantes Island Packet 40 Joe & Lori Lacey Reno, NV
44 360° Passport 41 Joel & Mary Thornton Seattle, WA
45 Shilling of Hamble Oyster 435 Dennis & Janet Knight Southammpton, UK
46 Allegro Catalina 42 Jim & Mary Brye Ventura, CA
47 Dawn Treader Contest 48cs Hal Craft Dana Pt., CA
48 Island Mistress Willington 47 Jeff & Judy Wahl Yankton, SD
49 Koho Cal 48 Hugh & Karlene Owens Portland, OR
50 Daydreams Pearson 385 Joe & Melinda Day Nevada City, CA
51 Out of Africa Wildcat 350 cat Richard & Kathy Cavanagh Isleton, CA
52 Jakyrah Island Packet 35 Tom & Chris Waters San Diego, CA
53 Lonesome Dove Elite 29 Britta Fjelstrom San Francisco, CA
54 Dream Ketch'r Endeavour 43 Don Watkins San Diego, CA
55 Sonrisa Valiant 40 John & Sylvia Parr Corpus Christi, TX
56 Catch the Wind Cal 39 Sam Crabtree & Suzie Wilson Richmond, CA
57 Salacia Catalina 42 Mark & Deanna Roozendaal Victoria, BC
58 Chaitanya Tayana 37 Ian & Heidi Jarman Alameda, CA
59 Jenny Jeanneau 43 Doug & Jo Leavitt San Francisco, CA
60 Topaz Caliber LRC 40 Mark & Karen Isaacson Alameda, CA
61 The Boat Island Packet 35 Ron & Tam Preston Stockton, CA
62 La Vie Beneteau 405 David Kane Seattle, WA
63 Serenity Catalina 42MKII David Albert Oceanside, CA
64 Murray Grey Ericson 38 Jim Sicard Portland, OR
65 De La Sol Alberg 35 Jerry & Slater McArdle Oceanside, CA
66 Allegra C&C 37 Alan Paul & Valerie Craft Oxnard, CA
67 Flyer Tartan 3400 Klaus Kutz & Jennifer Rader Alameda, CA
68 Captain George Thomas C&C 30 Capt Bill Thomas Vallejo, CA
69 Tiki iti Downeast 38 Sean Guches & Adrian Isola N/A
70 Freestyle Crowther 40 cat Jerry Wetzler Dana Pt., CA
71 Sun Baby Lagoon 410 cat Daniel & Cynthia Kerns Seattle, WA
72 Sumatra Trintella 53 Jerry Morgan San Francisco
73 Tenten Catalina 42 Cynthia Cantwell Chico, CA
74 Rock Hopper Tartan 4400 Mark Partridge Alameda, CA
75 Ulysses Cascade 29 Thomas Baldwin Kalama, WA
76 New Horizon IV Kelly Peterson 46 Wolfgang Boehle San Diego, CA
77 Rocinante Islander 36 Dan Martone Point Richmond, CA
78 Flying Free Amel 53 Steve & Lisa Anderson Westminister, CA
79 Cassiopea Swan 65 Rennie Waxlax & Anne Blunden San Diego, CA
80 Panta Rei Gecco 39 Ken Henderson Bellingham, WA
81 Ryden Valiant 32 George Ogihara Gold River, CA
82 Soulmates Beneteau 473 Dan & Karen Walker Brown's Pt, WA
83 Kira Passport 470 Herb Potter Lake Tahoe, CA
84 Sisiutl Gulfstar 44 Bob Bechler Portland, OR
85 Ciao Bella Cavalier 39 Jim Florence Ventura, CA
86 Southern Lady . . . David Thomas . . .
87 Patricia Belle Custom 65 schooner Patrick & Jeann Hughes Seattle, WA
88 Palapa Catalina 30 Roger & Tobe Hayward Long Beach, CA
89 La Lynn Aries 32 Kenneth Wood San Francisco, CA
90 Tenacious La Fitte 44 David Dodds & Maureen Sullivan Alameda, CA
91 Interlude Morgan 382 Don & Peggy Cox Marina del Rey
92 Increscent Moon Tayana 42 Barbara & Cori Frum Alameda, CA
93 Sea Ya Seawind 1000 cat Joe Weathers San Diego, CA
94 Timsel Pearson 300 Roland & Debbie Smith Richmond, CA
95 Nellie Juan Sabre 42 Ken & Judy Pendleton Seward, AK
96 Meralee Atkins 32 The Lee Family St. David, AZ
97 Centurion Mariner 31 Charles Phillips Chula Vista, CA
98 Checkmate Freya 39 Bernie Kreten Sausalito, CA
99 Brujo Greenpeace 33 Phil McRee & Donna Baron Juneau, AK
100 Perfect Excuse Hunter 410 The Reemeyer Family Vancouver, BC
101 Sand Dollar Crealock 34 Don Pratten Seattle, WA
102 Aquarius Olympic 47 The Ribkoff Family Hood River, OR
103 Britannia CS 36 Larry & Marjorie Zedaker Emeryville, CA
104 New Paige Nordhavn 40 The Allard Family Sidney, BC
105 King's Quest Tayana 48 Lynn & Stella King San Francisco, CA
106 Second Wind C&C 48 Bill Heumann & Marjorie Menz Juneau, AK
107 Sandpiper CT 42 Roger & Margaret Brindle Sausalito, CA
108 Dream On Fast Passage 39 Bruce & Laurie Garretson Seattle, WA
109 Wind Rush Downeast 41 Steve Armanino Newport Beach, CA
110 Ramble on Rose Caliber 40 Micheal McNamer & Ceacy Hart San Francisco, CA
111 J/World J/120 Eugenie Russell San Francisco, CA
112 Lady Joanne Morgan O/I 41 The Fornias Family Key West, FL
113 Elizabeth N/A Ernesto Zavala San Diego, CA
114 Dreamweaver Savega 41 trawler Ken & Dottie Saville Big Bear Lake, CA
115 Impulse Dragonfly 1200 tri George Cathey San Francisco, CA
116 Destarté Bristol Channel 28 Jerry & Dan Murphy San Diego, CA
117 Living Water Island Packet 38 Terry & Regina Heil San Francisco, CA
118 Calpurnia Beneteau 461 The Read Family Houston, TX
119 Hoofbeats Beneteau 41 Tony & Sharon Matthews Dana Point, CA
120 Talofa Custom 97-ft Schooner Cactus & Betsy Bryan La Paz, MX
121 Morning Light Explorer 45 The Thomas Family San Diego, CA
122 Sooner Magic Beneteau 477 Garland Bell Oklahoma City, OK
123 Both-and World Catalina 42 Kevin Collins San Diego, CA
124 Gitane Catalina 36 Louise Orion & Ivo Waher Berkeley, CA
125 God Speed Pearson 44 Leonard Wahlquist & Beth Smith San Pedro, CA
126 Nasiiya Allaire 34 David & Jason Cowley San Diego, CA
127 Carpe Vita Advantage 44 Mike & Mary McCluskey Eugene, OR
128 NanSeaMay Beneteau 510 Bill & Nancy Hardesty Benicia, CA
129 Bold Endeavour Endeavour 42 Johannes Figel Ventura, CA
130 Moontide Lagoon 470 Bill Lilly & Linda Laffey Long Beach, CA
131 Raireva Dreadnought 32 Marek Nowicki & Helen Chien San Pedro, CA
132 Capricorn Formosa 46 Michael & Hans Geilhufe Palo Alto, CA
133 Rhapsodie Marquesas 53 Caren Edwards Santa Barbara, CA
134 Bad Kitty Nauticat 40 Larry & Mary Clark San Diego, CA
135 Rocket SC 50 The Fuller Family Newport Beach, CA
136 Ocean Eyes Buchanan 55 The Hiatt Family Sun Valley, ID
137 Profligate Surfin' 63 cat Rally Committee Tiburon, CA
138 Far Country Valiant 40 Gordon & Vlasta Hanson Sausalito, CA
139 Mistress Swan 53 Thomas & Monique Lafleur San Diego, CA
140 Millennium Falcon Custom 60-ft Schooner Michael Ganahl & Leslie Hardy San Francisco, CA
141 Summer Wine Catalina 42 Walt Gonzales Dana Point, CA
142 Marilee Beneteau 47 Mike Collins San Diego, CA
143 Lonely Wind Jaguar 27 James & Patricia Murray San Diego, CA
144 Southern Cross Beneteau 461 Caston & Laurin Dalon Long Beach, CA
145 Cadence Fast Passage 39 John Murphy Sausalito, CA
146 Scarlett CS 40 Russ & Jane Eichner Benicia, CA
147 Laurelai Islander 36 Ken Wilson Terminal Is., CA
148 Narnie Oshea Hunter 466 Tom & Darlene Pinkerton San Diego, CA
149 Pacific Enterprise Colvin 52 Robert Lee Seattle, WA
150 Kabuki Westsail 32 Ross Novak Fairbanks, AK

(Entries are listed in the order they were received.)

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