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Baja Ha-Ha Boats Can Save Nearly $1/Gallon on Fuel

October 28 - San Diego

Doña de Mallorca, who delivered Profligate from Newport Beach to San Diego yesterday, confirms that Kevin Day's Harbor Island Fuel Dock is selling diesel fuel to Baja Ha-Ha entrants at the commercial rate - which is almost a dollar a gallon less than the regular rate. The fuel dock is located at the tip of Harbor Island, convenient to almost all of San Diego Bay, and about a half mile from the Kick-Off Party site at Cabrillo Isle Marina.

According to the www.buoyweather.com site, the wind for the first leg looks as though it will be pretty light, so folks with heavy boats and small sail plans probably don't want to go with near-empty tanks.

Weather reports call for mostly light air sailing for the first leg of the Ha-Ha. If you have a light chute - such as the mothership Profligate is seen carrying off El Faro Viejo - you'll want to have it ready to set.
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The Governor of Baja California Sur Invites Baja Ha-Ha Participants to La Paz!

October 28 - La Paz, BCS

There will be an informal Governor's Rally from Cabo to La Paz after the Baja Ha-Ha, so on November 18, Narcizo Agundez, the Governor of Baja California Sur, wants to welcome all participants to a big party at the old Governor's Mansion overlooking the Sea of Cortez. There will be Folklorico dancing, mariachi bands, beer, food, and all kinds of fun. The Director of Tourism for Baja will be at the Ha-Ha Awards Party in Cabo with all the details.

Anchoring Regulations for Los Frailes on the Way to La Paz

October 28 - Los Frailes, BCS

"A few years ago Mexico established a Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo, or Cabo Pulmo National Park, in order to protect the coral reef system that delineates most of that bay," writes Mary Shroyer of Marina de La Paz. "We have just discovered that the park extends south into the upper third of Frailes Bay. Draw a line away from shore at the hotel at Frailes, and the park embraces the bay north of that. Boats may anchor in the bay, but when anchored in the park part of it, must pay about $2/person a day - except if over 65. I have no problem with that, as Pulmo needs to be protected, and the policing and maintenance needs to be paid for.

"The difficult part is the administration, as the park has no way to collect their fees at Frailes. A local may come out and tell you that you can't anchor there, but he/she cannot collect any money. Payment for anchoring must be made in Cabo San Lucas.

"Anyone who is planning to come north to La Paz and spend a night - or more, weather dependent - should do the following. After getting the rest of the clear-into-the-country documents in Cabo, take a taxi - maybe 4-5 skippers can share one taxi - to:

"Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo, Edificio Cabaña, Apt. 4, Calle Pescador, Camino Viejo San Jose del Cabo, (behind City Club). The director is Carlos Narro. The number from Cabo is 172 0210. Or send an email. Once you pay, you'll get a 'bracelet' for each night for each person, and an official receipt. But we're going to try to work with the Park folks so that Ha-Ha people can buy the bracelets at the port captain's office."

Most of the islands in the Sea of Cortez are also parks, which also have fees. Rarely, if ever, has anybody been around to collect the fees.

The Pacific Coast of Mexico Is on a Boom!

October 28 - Cabo San Lucas, BCS

Enrique Fernandez, who was the manager of Marina Cabo San Lucas for many years, and who is a good friend of Latitude 38, reports that this is expected to be a very strong season for the entire Pacific Coast of Mexico. "With Cancun and much of Florida having suffered severe hurricane damage, Americans and Canadians looking for convenient and economical tropical winter vacations are having to look to the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Hotels and airlines are reporting very strong bookings, so plan ahead."

Fernandez also told us that the operators of Mexican marinas would like to thank the California Legislature for eliminating the old 90-Day Offshore Deliveries, which allowed California boat buyers to avoid paying sales tax. Thanks to upping the minimum out-of-state time, folks buying high end boats are now keeping them in Mexico for an entire year, raising the summer occupancy at marinas in Mexico. "California's loss has been Mexico's gain," he says.

The port captain office officials at Zihua. Once you've cleared into Mexico, port captains can't charge you any more money, nor can anyone make you use a ship's agent.
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Enrique also reports that ship's agents charge about $45 in Cabo to take care of all paperwork for clearing into Mexico for the first time. After that, there aren't any more fees. Fernandez worked 15 years to get that legislation passed. He wasn't successful, but now that it is, he's happy for everyone.

Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Back On

October 28 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Advertised as the world's largest in-the-water show, the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show has to be delayed because of the destruction of Hurricane Wilma. The mostly powerboat show has been rescheduled for November 4-6 - much to the displeasure of the Strictly Sail St. Petersburg Show, which has all along been slated for November 3-6. Which show you'll attend will surely depend on whether your interest is in very large motoryachts or moderate size sailboats.

West Marine Baja Ha-Ha Special

October 28 - San Diego

The San Diego West Marine Super Store will operate a shuttle to their store "from all reasonable locations" for as many Ha-Ha participants as possible. Call (619) 225-8844 to see what can be worked out.

Ha-Ha entrants will also receive a 5% discount on all purchases prior to the Ha-Ha.

West Marine is the sponsor of the official Ha-Ha Kick-Off Party on Sunday at the Cabrillo Isle Marina, featuring lots of fun and lots of prizes. Remember to wear that Halloween costume!

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