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September 27 - St. Kitts

Today's Photo of the Day is of a couple of attractive ladies who joined San Francisco native Mark Denebeim for part of his 40-day Caribbean 'Sailor's Walkabout' last summer aboard a chartered Oceanis 411. It's a very interesting concept - the 40-day sailing walkabout, not sailing with women - so you might want to read about it in the October issue of Latitude 38. That edition will hit the streets this Friday.

The second photo is of Mark and a West Indian woman.

Photos Courtesy Mark Denebeim

He's didn't explain what was happening in the photo, but we can imagine. "After having a few drinks at a restaurant, I got up to go to the men's room. Being tall, and perhaps not paying that much attention to where I was going, I rear-ended a short West Indian waitress, who had bent over to pick up a pat of butter from the floor. Fortunately, neither of us were injured." At least that would be our story, and we'd stick to it.

- latitude / rs


Geja Has Been Sold, So Please, No More Calls!

September 27 - Empuriabrava, Spain

In the September 15 'Lectronic, we ran an item about the estate sale of the Islander 36 Geja, which local sailors Dick and Shirley Sandys had cruised most of the way around the world during the last 15 years. Since the boat - with a working engine - was already in Spain, and the asking price was just $10,000, we predicted it would sell very quickly.

And it did. Lowden Jessup, who had sailed on the boat a number of times before, reports that Shirley Sandys, Dick's widow, was "fit to be tied, as she was swamped with so many inquiries." Guys in Alaska were sending their wives in Germany down to Spain to look at the boat and all kinds of stuff like that. But at a price of $10,000, it was going to take a buyer willing to purchase the boat sight unseen. And that's just what San Francisco's Eli Bottell and his wife, a young couple, have done. "They've been dreaming of a situation such as this," says Jessup.

We offer our congratulations to the new owners; we suspect they did very well, and hope they keep us posted on the boat's new adventures.

And we must admit that we're just a bit envious. Because imagine, for just $10,000, they can be soon dropping the hook of their new boat in great little anchorages such as this.

Anybody know where it is? And what famous sailing incident happened on the peninsula in the background?

- latitude / rs

16th Annual Racer Chaser

September 25 - San Francisco

We invite you to advertise in the 2007 Latitude 38 YRA Calendar, a comprehensive full color guide to Northern California racing. Ideal for any club, class, association or business wanting to reach local racers. Click here for details (a PDF flyer will download).
(415) 383-8200; John Arndt, ext. 108; Shawn Grassman, ext. 107.

Board Balclutha for Free on Saturday

September 27 - San Francisco

The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park will celebrate National Public Lands Day on Saturday by offering free admission to the historic ships docked at Hyde Street Pier. This is a great opportunity to check out Balclutha, C.A. Thayer, and Alma, as well as join in on other free programs from 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. The Maritime Museum is closed for restoration until 2009 but the J. Porter Shaw Library and the Visitor's Center remain open, offering a variety of activities, such as the W.A. Coulter retrospective at the Visitor's Center through the end of October. For more info, visit the park's Web site at www.nps.gov/safr.

A Total of 601 Baja Ha-Ha Participants, 22 of Whom Are 14 or Under

September 27 - Tiburon

"While there are certain to be some changes," reports Ha-Ha Honcho Lauren Spindler, "according to the entry paperwork, there will be a total of 601 participants in the Baja Ha-Ha, which starts on October 30 from San Diego. Of these, 22 are 14 years or younger.

"Here's the breakdown: The two youngest are six months and one year. In addition, there are two who are 6, two who are 7, one is 8, and two who are 10. There are three 11-year-olds, four who are 12, four who are 13, and another who is 14.

That's six-year-old Coco, of the 67-ft schooner Cocokai, on the far left. She's probably asking the other kids, "You mean your parents didn't name your boat after you?!"
Photo Latitude/Richard

"Others under the age of 20 include two 15-year-olds, one 17-year-old and one 19-year-old. The boats with kids under the age of 14 are Bluebird, Calou, Companera, Cocokai, Fafner, Kalewa, Louella (Joie de Vivre), Liberty, Mirage, Pythagoras, Ruby Slippers, Salt Whistle, Southern Belle, Sosiego, Vanishing Pt, Wiz. Ruby Slippers has 12-year-old twins!

"At the other end of the scale is 78-year-old Merrill Newman, who will be sailing on Solstice, 76-year-old Milton Tanner on Bellavia, and two 70-year-olds, Paul Brocchini on Athena and Chuck Jones on Aztec. There will also be a 73-year-old woman crewmember."

- latitude / rs

Mexico-Only Crew List & Baja Ha-Ha Party Next Week

September 27 - Alameda

If you're looking for crew, or to crew, in this year's Baja Ha-Ha (or elsewhere in Mexico this season), probably the best place to hook up would be at the Latitude's Mexico-Only Crew List and Ha-Ha Kick-off Party and Reunion at the Encinal YC in Alameda next Wednesday, October 4. The hours are 6 to 9 p.m., but please don't come early. We'll have an all new Ha-Ha slide show, more door prizes than ever, plus representatives from various marinas and marine businesses in Mexico.

If you're on the October crew list, or you're a 2006 Baja Ha-Ha Skipper or First Mate, you get in free. Everyone else pays $7 cash at the door. For more details, see www.latitude38.com/crewlist/CrewParty/CrewParty.html. Directions - by land and water - are available at www.encinal.org/directions.html. We'll see you there!

- latitude / rs & cw

The sign-board proved highly effective for Tom and Chris at last year's party. We especially like their honesty about their cruising experience.
Photo Latitude/Andy

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