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Big Blow on Tahoe

September 25 - West Lake Tahoe

Rockabye on the rocks

"My wife Leslie and I traveled to Tahoe over the weekend," writes Ron Sherwin, "and when we arrived on Friday afternoon the wind was howling. The Reno newspaper later reported gusts of over 40 mph at Tahoe City. And the waves on the lake were as big as I've ever seen them. To make things worse, the wind was coming from the southeast, a rarity at this time of year. Unfortunately, many of the boats were still on their moorings, their owners probably hoping to enjoy Tahoe's mild fall boating weather before hauling for the winter.

"Leslie and I stopped by Tahoe's west side, near Homewood, where we took the accompanying photos. We arrived just as the salvage boat was approaching, and the diver was putting on his wetsuit. For his sake, I'm hoping it was thick one. From the looks of things, Rockabye and the motorboat were not heavily damaged. And the swamped boat also appeared salvageable. Of the boats still safely moored, I noticed that most had two mooring lines, one that did the actual work, and a second line, slightly longer than the first, which would take over in case the first one failed. It looked like prudent practice to me."

- Ron Sherwin

Aluminator, the salvage boat
Photos Ron & Leslie Sherwin

Did You Ever Smuggle Pot into San Francisco Bay?

September 25 - Long Beach

If you did it aboard the 65-ft schooner in the accompanying photo, perhaps you can help Jennifer Sanders of Long Beach, the boat's current owner. Sanders would like to know more about the boat - such as who built her and when. Unfortunately, there was no identification on her at all when she was seized by the Feds in Honolulu several years ago. Back in her smuggling days, the schooner, now named Cocokai, didn't have a bowsprit.

Both photos were taken by Greg King, Jennifer's boyfriend, halfway between Catalina and Long Beach. King had to abandon ship in the boat's Whaler in order to rush back to a dart game on the mainland. Cocokai is an entrant in this year's Baja Ha-Ha.

- latitude / rs

Photos Greg King

16th Annual Racer Chaser

September 25 - San Francisco

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536 Feet of Boats Square Off in Just a Two-Boat Race?

September 25 - Monaco

That's right, as Tom Perkins, owner of the 289-ft Maltese Falcon, the largest sailing yacht in the world, and Joe Vittoria, owner of 247-ft Mirabella V, which is the largest sloop in the world, apparently had a friendly duel off Monaco over the weekend. For some reason BYM News, which reported the event, is withholding the results of the 'race', but did announce that Mirabella got up to 18.4 knots.

Maltese Falcon
Photo Courtesy www.charterworld.com

Mirabella V
Photo Courtesy www.mirabellayachts.com

The two ultra entrepreneurs first met in Belvedere about two years ago, when Vittoria came from the East Coast to give a presentation on his new boat at the Corinthian YC. We happened to be at the lunch because we picked up Vittoria from the airport, and therefore got to hear the two men bemoan the incredible number of seemingly senseless bureaucratic obstacles to completing such yachts. The two seemed to hit it off, and casually suggested that it might be fun to race the two unusual boats at some point in time, and now they have.

Both men, now in their 70s, have loved sailboats their entire lives, starting on Long Island Sound. And both started pretty low on the food chain. Vittoria, for example, earned money scrubbing decks when he was young, and Perkins' first boat on San Francisco Bay was a 17-ft Teak Lady. Say what you will, the U.S. is the land of opportunity.

- latitude / rs

Women's Sailing Seminar

September 25 - Alameda

It's almost October. That means Blue Angels circling overhead - while participants in Island Yacht Club's annual instructional conference for women sail the Bay.

Perhaps you know someone who'd like just a little more time learning the nuances of sailing or navigation or anchoring or, well, see www.iyc.org/wss.htm.

Island YC is conveniently located on the island of Alameda. The Women's Sailing Seminar, now in its 14th year, takes place on October 7-8, with workshops on Saturday and a choice of Bay cruising or Estuary racing on Sunday. The cost for both days including lunch is $100. There's a $15 late fee for registering after October 1.

- Lucie Mewes & latitude / cw

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