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September 11 - Baja California

Today's Photo of the Day is of the Carl Fuller Family - Carl, wife Kary, and kids Sally, 10, Kappy, 8, and Seneca, 7 - sailing their Newport Beach-based Santa Cruz 50 Rocket during the second leg of last year's Baja Ha-Ha.

Photo Courtesy Carl Fuller

"Our family is so bummed that we won't be able to be part of the Ha-Ha again this year," they write, "but thought you might want a photo of us from last year to encourage others to sign up for this year. There are too many fine older racing boats - such as our Santa Cruz 50 - that stay tied to the docks when not racing. We put our Rocket to good use last year, both in the Ha-Ha and for nearly a year of cruising in Mexico with our three kids. Plus, we proved that such a program can be put together in as little as 40 days. We will definitely miss the wonderful life at sea this year, but will follow the Ha-Ha south through 'Lectronic Latitude and Latitude 38."

We appreciate your offer of help, but today is the deadline for paid entries to be received in the Ha-Ha mailbox - and there have been a lot of them. If as many are received today as over the weekend, the paid entry list will blow past the 160 mark. What happens if your entry doesn't reach the Ha-Ha mailbox by this afternoon?

"We like to be as accommodating as possible," says Ha-Ha Honcho Lauren Spindler, "and having gotten six requests for entry packs just today, I've decided that we'll be accepting paid entries - or at least checks for $299 along with your boat name - through Friday the 15th. But after that, there really will be a late penalty of one beer for every other boat in the fleet."

The Ha-Ha departs San Diego on October 30 for Cabo San Lucas, with stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria.

- latitude / rs


Island Tour

September 11 - San Francisco Bay

HDA's Island Tour Race on Saturday was also kind of a 'seasonal tour' - it started in overcast light-breeze, midwintery conditions on the main Bay, which gave way to sunny, breezy summery sailing as the fleet headed up around Red Rock - and an exciting conclusion as boats battled contrary wind and current on the final approach to Raccoon Strait and the finish off Corinthian YC.

Look for Island Tour results later today at www.yra.org.

- latitude / jr

Blue Pearl with a bone in her teeth as the breeze picks up at the entrance to
Raccoon Strait.

Firefly and Aleta neck and neck off Paradise.

Dang tailgaters! The Moore 24 JR gets overtaken by Quiver.
Photos Latitude/JR

And She Said Yes!

September 11 - San Francisco

If there's anything that will make a fella tongue-tied, it's trying to get up the courage to propose marriage to the woman he loves. Perhaps that's why young Christopher Fullerton enlisted the help of his uncle Dave to orchestrate an elaborate surprise proposal on September 3.

The happy couple strikes a pose.
Photo Dave Fullerton

While Christopher and his girlfriend Nichole Arden were sailing down the Oakland-Alameda Estuary September 3 aboard the Express 37 Mudshark, Uncle Dave popped the chute and the big question appeared: "Will you marry me?" Although a bit shocked, we're told that Nichole was delighted by the prank - and said, "Yes!"

(Kudos to Kame and Sally at Pineapple Sails for the typographic handiwork.)

- latitude / aet

Where Is This Gorgeous Anchorage?

September 11 - Mystery Spot

And why won't the cruisers who took this photo go there any more? The answer can be found in next month's issue of Latitude 38.

- latitude / rs

Photo Courtesy Viva

Remembering Ones Who Have Touched Our Lives

September 11 - Pacific Northwest

"Today is a day we honor many, especially those who have touched our lives," writes Roma Swenson, whose husband Steven died in a free diving accident less than a year after their Hallberg-Rassy 46 Trinity was named the top boat in the '04 Baja Ha-Ha. "Our friends on Amorita recently sailed by King Kong Rock in Costa Rica near where Steven left this earth. They read this poem as they dropped flowers in the sea:

Suspended in a dream,
Body held by the ocean,
Mind awash with images,
I'm transformed,
Made whole again with a calmness I find only with the sea,
Below the ocean beckons,
Her indigo depths pulling me deeply into her embrace.
(from Blue - Spearfishing the Californians)

"As we departed King Kong rock for Playa Panama," the Amorita crew continued, "a panga arrived with three spearfisherman looking to enjoy life and the ocean as Steven surely did . . . Pura Vida!"

In addition to thanking everyone for their love, support, and prayers over the last year, Roma would like everyone to remember a line from Steve's favorite movies, Ferris Buhler's Day Off: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you'll miss it."

- latitude /rs

Photo Latitude/Richard

The St. Francis Big Boat Series Starts on Thursday

September 11 - San Francisco Bay

No matter if you're skipper, crew, or spectator, you don't want to miss it!

- latitude / rs

Photo Latitude/JR

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