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And She'll Be Looking More Like a Pirate than Ever!

August 16 - Two Harbors

Remember Wednesday's 'Lectronic report on the woman mariner who got her skull stuck to a dinghy-lifting hinge pin for about half an hour last weekend at Catalina? Steve Price reports that it was his friend Vickie Guy, who other than having lost an eye is doing so well that she "figures she's set for Buccaneer Days" at Two Harbors on October 7.

Speaking of Buccaneer Days, Randy Sparks of Santa Cruz reports that he's putting together a group for one or even two charter boats to sail from Long Beach to Two Harbors for Buccaneer Days. "We are going in full regalia to the festivities," he says.

We've been to every Buccaneer Day for the last five years or so, and still haven't figured out the attraction, so we suppose we'll have to do it again this year.

- latitude / rs

Could beer be the attraction at Buccaneer Days?

More likely it's the combination of beer and boobs.
Photos Latitude/Richard

Holy Biodiesel, Batman!

August 18 - San Francisco Bay

Looking much like she'd sprung from the pages of a Batman comicbook, the revolutionary power vessel Earthrace arrived in the Bay from Seattle Wednesday amid a shower of salty spray.

"What the heck. . .?" Earthrace enters the Bay.
Photo Bruna / Water-Wizards

As reported Monday, the 78-ft carbon and Kevlar vessel is making a brief port stop here during her around-the-world tour, which is meant to elevate awareness of alternative fuel technology. Earthrace is propelled by twin 540hp diesels which burn an 80/20 mix of biodiesel. Her wave-piercing design allows her to cruise at 45 knots.

The public is encouraged to check her out at Pier 39 Friday through Sunday after 11 a.m. She's also slated to make an appearance at McCovey Cove during Friday night's ball game. Although San Francisco is the first city in the nation to mandate use of biofuel in all city vehicles, the mainstream media here has been all but oblivious to the New Zealand-based Earthrace effort. Perhaps the ball game stunt will get their attention! (For further info, see www.earthrace.net.)

- latitude / aet

505 North Americans Kick It Up

August 18 - San Francisco

As predicted in Wednesday's 'Lectronic, the 505 NAs are turning out to be a fun event to watch. You can still catch these on-the-edge (and sometimes over-the-edge) dinghy sailors today and tomorrow off the SF Cityfront. For results of the 4-day championship, see www.stfyc.com after the weekend.

- latitude / cw

Photos Erik Simonson / www.h2oshots.com

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