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November 17 - Cabo San Lucas, BCS

One of the traditions in the Baja Ha-Ha is for one couple, upon arriving in Cabo San Lucas, where the waters are warm, to re-enact the famous Burt Lancaster - Deborah Kerr From Here To Eternity kiss. This year's smoochers for our Photo of the Day were Brendan Busch and Baba Muller of the La Honda-based SC 52 Isis, who were good enough to change clothes, put on their suits, and get into a sandy and salty embrace for the benefit of the Latitude camera. They look great, don't they, what with a small wave about to crash onto them. See the second photo for what happened next.

Photos Latitude/Richard

Tough Times for Schwab in Vendée Globe

November 17 - Atlantic Ocean

With most of the 20-boat Vendée Globe singlehanded around the world race having crossed the equator on their way south, Alameda's Bruce Schwab, currently in 15th place aboard the Wylie-designed Ocean Planet, has been having a tough time. In the early going he's been plagued with so many boat and gear issues that he briefly contemplated anchoring in the Cape Verde Islands to effect repairs. But with moderating conditions, he decided to attack the problems while underway.

The Cruising Season Opens in Banderas Bay

November 17 - La Cruz, Mexico

We can tell by the shot of all these cruisers enjoying the live music at Philo's Bar in La Cruz, which is a popular cruiser anchorage about 15 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. Philo Hayward did the Ha-Ha a couple of years ago aboard his Comptche, California-based Cal 36 Cherokee Spirit, then fell in love with La Cruz and bought the bar.

New Sailing Speed Record

November 17 - Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, France

Finian Maynard averaged 46.82 knots with a sailboard over a standard 500 meter World Speed Sailing Record Council course, nipping the old record that had been held by Australian C-Class speed sailor Yellow Pages for 11 years.

What I Learned on the Ha-Ha

November 17 - Baja California

For many boatowners and crew, the Baja Ha-Ha is their first long offshore journey. Folks who will be following in your wake next year are curious to know what you learned from the experience. As such, it would be greatly appreciated if you, no matter if you were owner or crew, could take a few minutes to respond to one or more of the following questions. We're not looking for treatises, just quick impressions.

Did you have major gear and/or engine problems?

What was your favorite bit of marine gear?

What bit of marine gear did you really wish you had?

If you took or were unknown crew, how did it work out and how might you do things differently in the future?

If you cruised with children, was it harder than you expected?

Send your responses to these questions - or other impressions - to Richard. Remember, please keep them relatively short.

If you're already forgotten what the Ha-Ha was like, here are a couple of photos from the start of the second leg to remind you:

Nels Torberson of the Alameda-based Morgan Out-Island 41 Bronco sets his chute with Brendan Busch's SC 52 Isis charging down on him, and about 120 boats with white sails about to set.

John and Nancy Moore's Alameda-based Break'n Wind is a late starter with a colorful chute, but quickly overtook many of the slower boats on the sunny horizon.

Leif Vasstrom's San Francisco-based Beneteau 51 Solar Planet, revels under a gennaker in the warm and dry Baja desert conditions.

Dave Martin and crew on the Sacramento-based F-27 tri Flying Circus - who would sail the entire course - pull into Bahia Santa Maria.
Photos Latitude/Richard & Andy

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