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April 17 - San Francisco

What can you say but "Wow!"

Today's Photos of the Day come from Tom Perkins of Belvedere, and are of the recent christening in Istanbul of his 287-ft Perini Navi Maltese Falcon, the largest sailing yacht in the world. "The christening was attended by some 600 Turkish workers and their families," Perkins writes. "It was a great and very emotional day for all." After her unique three-masted rig is installed, Falcon will be taken to Italy, Perini Navi's headquarters, for the formal launching.

Maltese Falcon, on her lines and looking good.
Photos Tom Perkins

What's the Big Deal About Unattended and Uncared for Boats?

April 17 - San Francisco

The photos of a ketch wrecked on the rocks of Clipper Cove, taken by Steve Orosz during the Treasure Island Thursday Night Race Series for Vanguard 15s and Lasers, say it all. Should the owners of such boats not be held responsible for the costs of cleaning up such messes?

Photos Steve Orosz

Orosz reports that there were about 12-15 boats anchored out in the Cove, and several of them had bright orange tags still visible, apparently having been put on them by the police last month.

Geronimo Averaging Nearly 500 Miles for Last Several Days

April 17 - San Francisco

Geronimo during her brief visit to the Bay
Photo Geri Conser

Olivier de Kersauson's 112-ft maxi tri Geronimo left San Francisco in a rush for her assault on the record to Yokohama because if they didn't leave last Wednesday, the far offshore conditions wouldn't be conducive to a strong record. So while she left town quickly in one sense, she only managed to creep beneath the Gate powered by little more than zephyrs. And her first 24-hour distance was a pathetic - for her - 294 miles. As of yesterday, navigator Larry Rosenfeld reports things have much improved:

"Happy Easter! It's an incredible day out here. We're finally at the edge of the tradewinds and it's a picture perfect day for sailing. White caps as far as the horizon in all directions, frosting on the deep blue, clear sea. Spray is everywhere on deck. Poisson volant jumping out of waves, sea turtles busy on their way somewhere. The boat just barreling along at up to 30 knots. Every time the leeward floater goes for a dive, the whole boat slows down and shudders and shakes like a dog that's just gotten out of the water. Haven't reduced sail yet. Every line taut with thousands of kilos of anticipation for the next wave. Having too much fun blasting towards Hawaii which is now only 200 miles to our southwest. We continued all yesterday, through the night, and into today to rocket along at 20+ knots in a southwesterly direction. Our total mileage for Day 2 was 512 miles, Day 3 was 474 miles, and Day 4, which we just finished a couple hours ago, was 468 miles."

Unless she drops her rig or her rudder falls off, Geronimo will crush the current 19-day record held by Steve Fossett and Lakota. So far she's been averaging just under 20 knots, and doesn't even need to average 10 knots the rest of the way to claim the new record. See www.rivacom.fr for more.

Yani of Puerto Vallarta

April 17 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Yesterday Yani, our dear friend, passed away of a heart attack while on a friend's boat going out to race on Banderas Bay," reports Steve Gnehm. "For Yani, it couldn't have been a better place to end her journey. She had a way of making people smile and brought a tremendous amount of happiness into everyone's lives. She'll be missed by all who knew her."

Photo Steve Gnehm

Gavin Brady Wins Long Beach YC's Congressional Cup

April 17 - Long Beach

It's the third time for the Kiwi who hails from Annapolis. For the full scoop, see www.lbyc.org/concup.

ABN Amro One About to Win Another Ocean Leg in Volvo

April 17 - Atlantic Ocean

With 187 miles to the finish of the Rio to Baltimore leg, ABN Amro One, with Northern California's Stan Honey navigating, is about to win another segment. Paul Cayard's Pirates of the Caribbean is in third, 150 miles behind the second place movistar, while Ericsson, with Northern California's John Kostecki having taken over as skipper, is fourth, 55 miles behind the Pirates.

5. Brasil 1, Torben Grael, +262 miles
6. ABN Amro Two, Sebastien Josse, +288 miles

See www.volvooceanrace.org.

Need Sea Time?

April 17 - La Paz, BCS

Latitude's 63-ft catamaran Profligate will be headed home from La Paz on May 1 and could use some experienced crew for the delivery to San Diego or San Francisco. If you're interested, call Doña at (415) 269-5165.

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