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Mystery Photo of the Day

August 31 - Somewhere

Mystery spot
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

© 2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

Can you identify the location of today's Photo of the Day? We would understand if you guessed it was a dipsy-do dirt bike trail somewhere in the wilds of San Berdoo County, but it's not. Actually, it's a great place for mariners to get their daily cardio. We'll give you a few moments to think it over before providing the answer.

- latitude / rs


September Issue of Latitude Out Today

August 31 - Bay Area

September issue
Photo Latitude / Annie
© 2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

The September issue of Latitude 38 is hot off the presses and hitting the streets as we type, just in time for the long Labor Day weekend. In this month's issue, you'll read about a couple of crusty old salts, all you could ever want to know about the Rolex Fastnet, why spending too much on a boat isn't always a bad thing, and the first installments of the Baja Ha-Ha profiles. Go get yours now and have a great holiday!

- latitude / ld

Theories on the Mystery Boat

August 31 - Marshall Islands

In our August 10 posting, we asked if anyone out there had info on a curious wreck sighted on an outer island of the Marshalls. The words "San Francisco" were painted near its stern, as if a homeport. But the rest of its identity is a mystery.

Mystery Boat
Was this mysterious wreck the scene of a crime?
Photo Courtesy Moana
© 2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

Several readers wrote in to suggest that perhaps the name of the boat was actually San Francisco, and to advise us that there are a number of towns by that name around the world.

John McNeill wrote: "Andy, as you are probably aware, our SF is not the only SF.  San Francisco exists in Argentina, El Salvador, Spain and multiple places in Mexico. Judging from the design of the craft, it would seem more likely that it came form another SF."

But the most interesting insights came from Will Green: "We also came across this vessel when there in the late '90s in our Pearson 30 Coyote. A little investigation turned up the following rumors:

"The couple that were sailing this vessel, I believe from Hawaii, amazingly took on a male crew member before setting off for the Marshalls. When the vessel came ashore over the reef, there was only the crew member and no sign of the owners. Of course, the local people who helped the crew member didn't know of the missing couple and the he was not forthcoming with their existence or their end. It turned out the crew member then got a job in Majuro, the capital, at the one supermarket there in some kind of managerial role.

"It seems his past caught up with him one day when a law enforcement officer arrived from the U.S. investigating the disappearance of the couple. After a few questions he was directed to the ship-wrecked sailor at the supermarket. Upon hearing that the agent wanted to talk to him, the crew member promptly went up to his office and shot himself.

"These are the rumors and hearsay that I heard about the vessel - how true I can't say."

Hmmmm. . . Sounds a bit curious to us, but you never know. Can anyone corroborate this theory?

- latitude / at

She Said Yes!

August 31 - Horseshoe Cove

Charlie Bogue of the Islander 28 Lucia sent us this wonderful report:

"I grew up with my dad reading Latitude religiously every month, keeping tabs on the sailing world, and the tradition was passed on to me. Sailing is in my blood. I thought it would only be fitting to share this story with you as everything came full circle last Sunday.

"It was my girlfriend Sanja's father's birthday, so I had everything masked under the premise of surprising her dad with sailboat ride on the Bay but I really had another surprise up my sleeve. I told Sanja that we should go for a "warm up" sail for lunch before surprising her parents with the boat, just to make sure that everything onboard was in order. We sailed out from Sausalito into the Bay, and then worked our way up to Horseshoe Cove where we anchored for lunch. It was just us and a seal in the harbor under the bridge. We had a nice picnic lunch, and then I popped the question - and she said yes!

© 2007 Charlie Bogue

"We went back to Sausalito and surprised her parents with a sail on the bay and the engagement. It was truly an incredible day, and I thought it would only make sense to share it with Latitude 38 as you are basically part of the family at this point."

Congratulations, Charlie and Sanja!

- latitude / ld

Location of Photo of the Day Revealed

August 31 - Southern California

Photos 'Lectronic / Richard
© 2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

This is the companion photo to the Photo of the Day. It shows that the photo in question was taken atop the easterly Cat Harbor headland, and has a great view of all the boats moored at Isthmus Cove. After a sail over from the mainland, a lot of mariners like to get a little cardio in, and the two best ways to do it are hiking to the top of the Cat Head headland, which takes about 45 minutes each way and requires that you bring some water, or hitting the dance floor on the patio bar at night. No matter which you do, you will have earned your daily Buffalo Milk.

In previous years, all the hundreds of moorings at Isthmus and nearby coves would sell out on Friday and Saturday nights. But this year, thanks perhaps to high fuel prices putting a crimp on powerboaters and possibly the misperception that the island is still closed because of the fire earlier this summer, last month saw the first sell-out weekend of the year. During the week there are scores of available moorings. The sun has been out, the water is clear and warming, and September is one of the two best months of the year (August being the other). If you and your boat are in the area, you should check it out. But don't forget to bring the hiking shoes.

- latitude / rs

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