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Maxi Trimaran Geronimo Crushes TransPac Record!

November 18 - Honolulu, HI

How does 4 days, 19 hours, 31 minutes and 37 seconds from Los Angeles to Honolulu sound? Olivier de Kersauson's big trimaran beat the 86-ft cat Commodore Explorer's old record by over 13 hours. She averaged 19.17 knots for the 2,215-mile course, making it the third highest average speed for a long distance sailing record. There were two Americans on the crew: Larry Rosenfeld and Cam Lewis. After daylight, the big tri was to be taken to the Hawaii YC for a proper celebration. Well done!

Photo of the Day

November 18 - Alameda

Photo of the Day
Photo Dave Hatch

Today's Photo of the Day is just about enough to make some people seasick. But how else are you going to be able to read the boat's name? Dave Hatch of the Alameda-based Stardate is responsible.

Stan 'The Man' Honey Helps ABN AMRO ONE to Volvo Lead

November 18 - Atlantic Ocean

It takes faith in your convictions to be a great navigator, but Northern California's Stan Honey has got that. The navigator on ABN AMRO ONE in the Volvo Around the world race, he recently had his boat sailing as much as 80 degrees off course - just to get to 'the road' he thought was most favorable to Cape Town. And it's begun to pay off, as his boat is now leading second place Brasil 1 by 78 miles, while the rest of the boats are bunched together. Except for Sunergy and Friends, that is, which is wallowing in light airs 860 miles back.

Paul Cayard's Pirates of the Caribbean entry is being repaired and will be flown to South Africa for the start of the second leg. Movistar, the pre-race favorite, is also being repaired, but there is much more work to be done.

The Next Baja Ha-Ha Isn't for Nearly a Year, but Two Boats Have Already Signed Up

November 18 - Newport Beach

Turtle Bay Beach Party
Photo Latitude/Richard

And not just any boats, but the legendary S&S 80 Kialoa III that established truly international maxi racing, and the 65-ft S&S Alaska Eagle, veteran of two Whitbread Around the World Races. As most folks know, both of these great yachts were donated to the Orange Coast College School of Sailing and Seamanship, under whose auspices they will be doing the Baja Ha-Ha.

When we first mentioned in 'Lectronic that Orange Coast was going to do the Ha-Ha with Kialoa and Alaska Eagle, they were deluged with applications. But to be fair to folks who don't read 'Lectronic, they will also be putting the word out on their Web site at www.occsailing.com.

While Kialoa III will be number one and Alaska Eagle number two in next year's Ha-Ha, no other entries will be accepted until the event - which will start on October 30 - is formally announced next May. Until then, the Ha-Ha is in hibernation.

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