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April 4 - San Francisco

Today's Photos of the Day, by Wayne Lambright of San Francisco, are as exciting as we've ever seen. Lambright tells Latitude that he was photographing surfers under the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge when a Santana 22 sailed between the South Tower and Fort Point. This is never a very good idea, but it's worst in the winter because waves often break all the way from shore to the tower. The two gentlemen aboard Yachtsea were soon to learn what it's like to surf - really surf - a sailboat. In short order the boat was dismasted, rolled, and eventually sunk. Fortunately, the skipper and crew appear to have escaped serious injury, in part because of the assistance of surfers.

Photos Wayne Lambright/sfSurvey.com

To view the whole thrilling sequence of 113 photos, go to http://sfsurvey.com/photos/sail/index.htm

Latitude 38 Crew Party Wednesday Night at Golden Gate YC

April 4 - San Francisco

No matter if you want to cruise, race, or daysail, if you need a boat to sail on, or need crew to help sail your boat, the place to be Wednesday night will be the Golden Gate YC On The Marina in San Francisco. For from 6 to 9 p.m., it will be the site of Latitude 38's annual spring Crew List Party, with hundreds of folks in attendance. There will be door prizes, munchies, and a great slide show.

Do people really hook up at Crew List parties? They do. Every year people on the Baja Ha-Ha tell us they got on a boat or got crew as a result of the party. As for the couple in this photo, Jay and Laurie Ailworth, they met at a Crew List Party, got married, and are now out cruising in Mexico. So yeah, good connections are made.

Photo Courtesy Jay and Laurie Ailworth

The party is free to everyone who signed up for the Crew List, and is $7 for all others. Click here for directions to the club. We hope to see you there.

Wilkinson Gets Another Boat

April 4 - Hilo, HI

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help and concern you sent my way last year after I lost my Islander 32 Sound Decision on a passage from Tahiti to Hilo," writes Tom Wilkinson. "It has taken nine months of brutally hard work and much searching to find a replacement vessel, but I'm flying to the West Indies tomorrow to take delivery of my new boat, the Hans Christian 38T Love Song. I hope to get through the Canal and back up to Mexico to catch up with the Ha-Ha fleet in Cabo in November.

Tom Wilkinson

"I must say that despite the fact that my boat was looted on the rocks of the Big Island in the days before she broke up and disappeared, the people of Hilo have been incredibly warm and helpful. I can't imagine a better place to have lost everything and begin anew. I want to thank all those folks, as well as everyone else who sent support and positive wishes during one of the lowest parts of my life."

Sound Decision breaking up on rocks of the Big Island
Photos Courtesy Tom Wilkinson

Mainland Mexico Cruising Season Coming to a Close

April 4 - Tenacatita Bay, Mexico

"Semana Santo is over, the campers have left the beach, and there's just four sailboats in the anchorage at Tenacatita Bay," writes Terry Bingham of the Eagle Harbor, Washington-based Union 36 Secret O' Life. "For everyone who remembers the great times at the Paris Tropical Frances Restaurant - the old McHale's Navy movie set - in 2000 and 2001, here's a photo taken this week of my 4 1/2 year old grandson in front of all that remains.

Photo Terry Bingham

"The Blue Bay Hotel has razed the entire structure, as apparently they felt there was too much 'liability' in that the porches were starting to rot. It's been interesting to see the way the building was constructed. Where did the production crew come up with all the timbers and wood in Mexico where everything is built of cement and brick? For those of us who experienced the 'French Restaurant', it truly is the passing of a landmark.

"In other news, the air is warm, the sky is blue, and there is so little swell we've taken to calling it Lake Tenacatita. But the water is only 71 degrees."

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