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February 19 - Honolulu, HI

Sunset as Morning Light heads for Molokai
©2007 Pacific High Productions

Last week, the Morning Light team, the 15 teenagers and 20-somethings sailing a Transpac 52 in this year's TransPacific Yacht Race as the subject of a documentary feature-length film, got their first taste of sailing by evening light. Leaving Honolulu on Tuesday evening, they took their high-performance speedster 138 miles from Diamond Head, around Molokai, and back in just over 16 hours. In addition to practicing night sailing, the passage was an introduction to a watch-system and freeze-dried food. This time, the team had the benefit of knowledge from sailing manager Robbie Haines, navigation coach Stan Honey (of Palo Alto) and instructor Dave Tank on board. But next time the kids make the overnight trip, on Monday, they'll be on their own.

- latitude / ss


We Spoke Too Soon

February 19 - Angel Island

On Friday's 'Lectronic, we announced that Ayala Cove's new moorings had finally been installed and were ready to accept visitors. Park Superintendent Dave Matthews made a point to warn boaters that the line and floats that hold the mooring chain off the sea floor make it to the surface at low tide, and that boaters should use extreme caution when motoring through the field.

The next day we received an email from Don and Mary Lou Oliver of the Berkeley-based Ericson 38 Cappuccino letting us know that the mooring field was already closed. After successfully picking their way through the minefield of floats, the Olivers watched helplessly while Endless Summer became fouled. "It took Sea Tow and a diver to free them," Mary Lou reported. "It was bound to happen, and Endless Summer didn't do anything wrong."

Endless Summer got tangled in Ayala Cove's new mooring field.
Photo Mary Lou Oliver
©2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc.

First thing the next morning, all the moored boats were moved to the docks and the mooring field was roped off, which is how it will remain until the Department of Boating and Waterways can hire a contractor to fix the flawed system. Matthews reported on Friday that the Parks Service informed the DBW about the potential for disaster, and that the DBW had a plan in place and would be putting it out to bid today. We certainly hope the DBW fast tracks this project but, considering how long it took for them to install the new field in the first place, we aren't holding our breath.

- latitude / ld

Webmistress's Note: We'll have coverage of the Corinthian Midwinters in Wednesday's 'Lectronic Latitude.

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