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Photo of the Day: Going, Going, Gone

July 31 - Hawaiian Islands

Today's Photo of the Day is of the Las Vegas-based ILC 40 Mureadritta's XL, as it sank beneath the surface last Tuesday morning, roughly 450 miles north of the Big Island of Hawaii.

As reported earlier in 'Lectronic, the 40-footer was returning to the West Coast from the Pacific Cup when she struck a whale, which left an 18 x 12-inch hole in the left side of the hull. After a valiant effort, her five-person crew, which included owner Antony Barran's father, Nick (foreground), abandoned ship to their liferaft, where one of them had the presence of mind to snap this incredible shot. The crew were eventually returned to the islands safely after a series of ship-to-ship transfers.

Look for a complete report in the September edition of Latitude 38.

Helpless to save her, the crew of Mureadritta's XL watches from their raft
as their Pac Cup warhorse slips into the deep.
Photo Courtesy Mureadritta's XL

- latitude / aet


Whirlwind Circumnavigators

July 31 - Sausalito

Who should we spot on our way back from a day of shooting races? None other than Sausalito's self-described "whirlwind circumnavigators" Harley and Jennifer Earl who, earlier this month, crossed their outbound track in San Diego aboard their Hans Christian 41 Manu Kai, a mere 23 months after departing their home waters. Family and friends were on hand Saturday at Schoonmaker Point Marina to catch Manu Kai's docklines and greet the prodigals. Our heartiest congratulations to Harley and Jennifer, and welcome home!

Harley and Jennifer Earl completed a
"whirlwind circumnavigation"
last month aboard their HC 41 Manu Kai.
Photo Latitude / LaDonna

- latitude / lb

We Hope We Didn't Fool Too Many People!

July 31 - Not Angel Island

"Just in case some readers didn't get your joke in August Sightings," writes Mark Johnstone, who owns a San Francisco-based Catalina 36, "please explain that the photo of the house with the boat in front is not a restaurant on Angel Island, but rather a villa on the Italian Riviera. This will avoid people sailing around the island trying to find it."

All right, we confess, it actually is a photo of a villa on the Italian Riviera and has nothing to do with Angel Island. In fact, as you can tell from the postcard below, the villa, in the upper right corner, is just around the corner from Portofino, one of Italy's most famous and beautiful little ports.

- latitude / rs

All Rigged, But No Wind To Blow

July 31 - Sausalito

Yesterday was a very good day for us, as we finished the installation of Profigate's new forward beam and went out sailing. We don't know about the rest of you, but sailing is what keeps us semi-sane. God, did it feel great!

With the boat all ready to go, and a crew all set for the trip to Santa Barbara for the start of Friday's Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race, the only thing left to go wrong was the weather. And it did. According to the www.buoyweather.com prognosis for Friday in the Santa Barbara Channel, there won't be anything over eight knots of wind. It's expected to be the least windy day of the week. It's true that five-day forecasts aren't the most reliable in the world, but the thought of paying for a So Cal multihull rating, the race entry fee, and all the other expenses in order to very likely just slat around, was too much for us. We decided it would be far better to enjoy what appears to be great sailing conditions on the Bay this week. Next week we'll head south to be at Two Harbors on August 12 for the Ha-Ha Preview.

As for everyone still doing the Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race, we hope the www.buoyweather.com forecast is way off, because that's one hell of a fun course.

A couple of boats enjoying the mild spinnaker reaching conditions during the
'03 King Harbor Race with Santa Cruz Island in the background.
Photo Latitude / Richard

- latitude / rs

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