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Hans Horrevoets Dies in Volvo Race after Going Overboard

May 19 - North Atlantic Ocean

Dutch crewmember Hans Horrevoets, 32, of ABN Amro Two, was washed overboard while trimming the spinnaker during Leg 7, New York to England, of the Volvo Race. It was blowing 25-30 knots at the time, and Horrevoets disappeared with a wave that washed down the deck. After dropping the chute and later the main, Amro Two motored back to the crewmember's position, and Simeon Tienpoint jumped in to assist recovery. When brought back aboard the boat, however, Horrevoets had no pulse and could not be revived. He is the fifth crewmember to die in the history of the Whitbread/Volvo.

As a child, Horrevoets had long dreamed of racing around the world, and got that opportunity at age 22 aboard the Whitbread 60 BrunelSunergy. He loved it. He leaves a pregnant wife and daughter.

Observers aren't necessarily surprised that a life has been lost on the Volvo, more that it happened while racing across the Atlantic rather than in the Southern Ocean. It's somewhat amazing the crew was even able to find Horrevoets in such conditions. "I have always assumed that if you fall off one of these boats, that will be the end," commented Paul Cayard, skipper of Pirates of the Caribbean.


Getting Mexican Temporary Import Permit over the Internet not Ready for Prime Time

May 19 - Cyberspace

"I tried to get a Temporary Import Permit online," reports computer expert and trimaran cruiser George Cathey, "but wasn't able to complete the process. Here's the lowdown:

"1) It's only available for future entry into Mexico. Plus, you can't order it more than 60 days in advance of arriving in Mexico.
2) You're required to cite the type of boat you have. But there were only 30 options, of which Hunter was the only sailboat manufacturer I recognized. It was not possible to type in other makes, such as Catalina.
3) Using the process would limit you to certain customs entry cities. Cabo, for example, was not an option. Nor was it possible to add any other options.
4) Internet Explorer worked all right as a browser. Firefox would not continue to the screen where you enter the credit card number.
5) There were some funny language problems: Type of boat: 'boat oar' (maybe rowboat?), 'motorboat in hut', 'motorboat outside hut', 'yacht' (for those with attitude)."

Bottom line? Online is not yet ready for prime time in Mexico. Get your Import Permit in Mexico until further notice.

Into Every Life a Little Sun Must Fall

May 19 - Cayo Herradura, Venezuela

Since it's apparently going to rain - ??!!!! - in the Bay Area this weekend, we thought we'd bring a little sun into your lives. The accompanying photo is of Jerry Blakeslee, long ago of Bay Island Yachts in the Bay Area, and not quite so long ago of Bay Island Yachts in St. Martin, West Indies, and Cay Hickson of South Africa. The two are enjoying the warm waters of the Cayo Herradura, Isla Tortuga, Venezuela - and from all indications are completely naked.

The photo was taken in April not too far from where Venezuelan President/Semi Dictator Hugo Chavez is today holding a training exercise simulating an invasion by the United States - which he has been expecting to happen at any minute for a long time now.

Blakeslee retired from selling yachts a few years ago, then sailed south with Hickson aboard his 38-ft NAB to Grenada to avoid the hurricanes that often hit St. Martin. The boat was almost immediately hit by the first hurricane to hit Grenada in 150 years. But he had the boat repaired, and the two have been cruising the waters of Venezuela and the Caribbean for the last two seasons.

Dee Caffari Completes Non-Stop Solo Circumnavigation Against the Prevailing Winds

May 19 - UK

The 33-year woman completed the trip - which saw her battle icebergs, hurricane force winds, and huge seas - in 178 days aboard her 72-ft Aviva. We'll have details in the June issue of Latitude 38, which will hit the streets a week from today on Friday, May 26.

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