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March 20 - San Francisco

Today's Photo of the Day appears to be of the SFPD and Coast Guard finally doing something about Clipper Cove being used as a storage area for boats. "We in the Catalina 36 Fleet 9 were out for the weekend and saw much activity there," reports photographer Jeff Berman. "The beach is a mess of homeless encampments and such. And the boats are obviously a problem. The S.F. Police told me, 'This won't be a Richardson Bay.' Let's see how it goes from here."

The Coast Guard tags one of the many unoccupied boats in Clipper Cove.
Photos Jeff Berman

Judging from the letters that Latitude 38 has received and will publish in the April edition, due out on March 31, there is very little sympathy in the sailing community for boatowners using the Cove, a prime weekend anchorage, for the semi-permanent storage of what in most cases are dilapidated and/or derelict boats.


Doublehanded Lightship

March 20 - San Francisco Bay

Origami makes tracks under the Golden Gate.
Photo Latitude/LaDonna

Island Yacht Club hosted the 25th Doublehanded Lightship this weekend. So what if the start was iffy with light winds and a strong flood - after what seemed like decades of Seattle-like weather, Saturday's blue skies and oodles of sun more than made up for the slow start.

The following boats not only enjoyed a beautiful day of sailing but also took first in their divisions. Division A: Desperado, Express 27, Mike Bruzzone; Division B: Uno, Wyliecat 30, Steve Wonner; Division C: Elaine, Santana 22, Pat Broderick; Division D: Lil Bear, Corsair Tri, Dave Austin.

For more coverage, see the April issue of Latitude 38.

Fossett's Cheyenne (ex-PlayStation) to Become Support Vessel for Record Dive?

March 20 - San Diego

Photo Thierry Martinez

The 120-ft catamaran that set many world records, including the around the world record, is undergoing extensive modification in San Diego, and Marian Martin of BYM News reports the purpose is to make her a support vessel for Fossett's attempt to take a submarine to a record depth. The current record is 35,810 feet for a manned submarine and 36,008 feet for an unmanned submarine.

Fossett, of course, has spent much of the last 15 years trying to break records. He is said to still have his sights on the world altitude record. Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard is the last person to have held both records, and that was in 1930.

You want more? BYM News also reports that after the depth record, Cheyenne might be fitted with bio-diesels for an attempt on an around the world record under power.

What drives Fossett to attempt such feats? Some friends speculate it's an unconscious attempt at a form of immortality.

John Kostecki Named Skipper of Ericsson for Leg 5 of the Volvo Race

March 20 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ericsson recently arriving at Rio with another disappointing finish

The Ericsson Racing Team entry hasn't performed as well as hoped to date, so Marin's John Kostecki has been named the skipper for Leg 5. Kostecki was the skipper of the winning boat the last time the race was held. He has already been racing aboard Ericsson as tactician during the inshore races. However, he will not necessarily be the skipper for offshore legs after this one.


John Kostecki
Photos Courtesy www.volvooceanrace.org

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