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Winter Play on the Ocean

December 7 - Santa Cruz

Photo of the Day
Kiteboarder kites dance above the cliffs of Gazos Creek as windsurfers blast through the shorebreak.

Although we've seen some extremely nasty weather already this winter, the respites between storm systems have brought splendidly sunny weather.

A lone sailboat occupies the placid anchorage off the Santa Cruz Boardwalk amusement park.

In Santa Cruz last weekend, dozens of sailors took their boats out of mothballs to daysail under clear blue skies. Meanwhile, up the coast near the Pigeon Point Lighthouse windsurfers and kiteboarders danced through the breakers in their own unique variation on water ballet.

Where's Waldo? Look closely and you can make out two kiteboarders competing for air space with hundreds of sea birds.

A shorebound sailor upsets the flock.
Photos Latitude/Andy

Now That's Ripping!

December 7 - Atlantic Ocean

The first half of this year's 2,700-mile Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean was beset by very light winds. They've now been replaced by strong trades. So strong that the skipper of a Lagoon 440 catamaran - which is one of the two-story catamarans - reported hitting over 27 knots. That's really moving for a 44-footer built more for comfort than performance.

Thanks for the Help

December 7 - Mill Valley

In the Monday 'Lectronic, we asked readers to help us at Latitude 38 by listing their three most favorite and three least favorite features or types of articles. And to add any brief comments. The response has been tremendous - and extremely helpful. For example, we can tell you we will be doing a lot more Latitude Interviews in the future. We've also appreciated all the comments. The nice ones were gratifying, of course, but the critical ones were perhaps the most instructive. We thank everyone.

If you'd like to be part of the survey - it only takes about 40 seconds - please go to last Monday's 'Lectronic for details. Monday is going to be the deadline for responding.

'Lectronic Story About Kayaker Death in Sea of Cortez Had Errors

December 7 - Loreto, Baja California

On November 27, Canadian Victoria Seay, an info tech specialist for IBM and a triathelete, took off in a rented kayak from Isla Carmen in the Sea of Cortez for nearby Coronado Island with two lifelong female friends. When they got out from the lee, they didn't realize how big the waves were. The two survivors described them as 27 feet. One of the women capsized her kayak, and then they were separated. Despite being in radio contact most of the day, Seay wasn't able to give her position to rescuers, who picked up the other two kayakers. Seay's body was found the following day near her kayak.

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