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August 17 - Bahia Santa Maria, BCS

Today's Photo of the Day is of 'Banjo' Andy Turpin, Assistant Poobah of the Baja Ha-Ha, feeling like he's sitting (or standing) on top of the world. Why? Because it's early November, and he's luxuriating in the warmth of tropical Mexico, with the third and final leg of the Ha-Ha awaiting him the next day, which he'll sail in company with all the great folks on all the boats seen in the background.

Are you sick of cold and gray Novembers in California? Would you like to get Turpin's I'm-so-damn-happy-to-be-alive feeling? Could your life use a little injection of adventure? If so, you might think about getting your entry in for October 31's Baja Ha-Ha Rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, with stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria. The last day to sign up is September 11. You can get an entry pack by sending a check for $18, along with a self-addressed 9x12 envelope, to Baja Ha-Ha, Inc., 21 Apollo Road, Tiburon CA 94920.

Here's a couple of more photos that might whet your appetite:

If you think you might enjoy sailing on warm blue waters with dolphins playing under the bow, who knows, the Ha-Ha might be something you'd like.

Thanks to the stops at Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria, there will be plenty of opportunities to go ashore to meet hundreds of other cruisers - but also to hike and explore. You might even find a couple of dolphin skeletons.

While drinking plays a very minor role in the Ha-Ha, yes, there will be another Pusser's Rum tasting party for the skippers in Bahia Santa Maria, and yes, everyone will get souvenir Pusser's hats. But this year the party will probably be ashore rather than on Profligate again.

Dawn landfalls in the tropics are experiences you remember all your life.

Everyone on Profligate - the mother ship again this year - hopes to see you on this year's Ha-Ha! This shot was taken while rounding Cabo Falso just a couple of miles from Cabo San Lucas.
Photos Latitude Archives

As the Ha-Ha sign-up deadline approaches, Ha-Ha Honcho Lauren Spindler reports getting three or four requests for entry packets a day. The first 25 entries were listed on July 8. Here are entries #26-73:
26 Bingo CF37 M. DeMeritt & Bryan Maher Hermosa Beach, CA
27 Beltane Halberg-Rassy 39 Steven Hannon Newport, OR
28 Windarra Roberts 44 Steve Bergo San Diego, CA
29 Gone Again J/42 Alex Schmid & Tina Hogan Macatawa, MI
30 Linda Bounty II Stephen & Linda Maggart Elephant Butte, NM
31 Yemonja Island Packet 38 Mike Araneda San Francisco, CA
32 Charissa Liberty 458 Tom Jones San Francisco, CA
33 Orion Pacific Seacraft 37 Jay Hall Punta Gorda, FL
34 Scarlet Catalina 47 Rick & Marlene Bartlett Phoenix, AZ
35 Night Flight Hylas 46 Ann Michael McDougall San Francisco, CA
36 Intuition C&C 39 XL Ron Holbrook Tacoma, WA
37 Bronco Morgan O/I 41 Nels Torberson Alameda, CA
38 Wind Chaser Beneteau 42 Harry & Judy McKean San Diego, CA
39 Aquila Hylas 49 Michael & Linda Dawkins Ventura, CA
40 Natazak SC 52 Steve Williams & Loretta Komarczyk Santa Cruz, CA
41 Escapade Swan 56 Pieter Heerema Medemblik, Netherlands
42 Champagne Beneteau 42 Clark Hamm & Marga Bakker Los Angeles, CA
43 Windancer Catalina 38 Ed & Linda Pedigo Redwood City, CA
44 Dos Amantes Island Packet 40 Joe & Lori Lacey Reno, NV
45 360° Passport 41 Joel & Mary Thornton Seattle, WA
46 Shilling of Hamble Oyster 435 Dennis & Janet Knight Southammpton, UK
47 Allegro Catalina 42 Jim & Mary Brye Ventura, CA
48 Dawn Treader Contest 48cs Hal Craft Dana Pt., CA
49 Island Mistress Willington 47 Jeff & Judy Wahl Yankton, SD
50 Koho Cal 48 Hugh & Karlene Owens Portland, OR
51 Daydreams Pearson 385 Joe & Melinda Day Nevada City, CA
52 Out of Africa Wildcat 350 cat Richard & Kathy Cavanagh Isleton, CA
53 Jakyrah Island Packet 35 Tom & Chris Wakes San Diego, CA
54 Lonesome Dove Elite 29 Britta Fjelstrom San Francisco, CA
55 Dream Ketch'r Endeavour 43 Don Watkins San Diego, CA
56 Sonrisa Valiant 40 John & Sylvia Parr Corpus Christi, TX
57 Catch the Wind Cal 39 Sam Crabtree & Suzie Wilson Richmond, CA
58 Salacia Catalina 42 Mark & Deanna Roozendaal Victoria, BC
59 Chaitanya Tayana 37 Ian & Heidi Jarman Alameda, CA
60 Jenny Jeanneau 43 Doug & Joan Leavitt San Francisco, CA
61 Topaz Caliber LRC Mark & Karen Isaacson Alameda, CA
62 The Boat Island Packet 35 Ron & Tam Preston Stockton, CA
63 La Vie Beneteau 405 David Kane Seattle, WA
64 Serenity Catalina 42MKII David Albert Oceanside, CA
65 Murray Grey Ericson 38 Jim Sicard Portland, OR
66 De La Sol Alberg 35 Jerry & Slater McArdle Oceanside, CA
67 Allegra C&C 37 Alan Paul Oxnard, CA
68 Flyer Tartan 3400 Klaus Kutz & Jennifer Rader Alameda, CA
69 Captain George Thomas C&C 30 Capt Bill Thomas Vallejo, CA
70 Tiki iti Downeast 38 Sean & Adrian Guches N/A
71 Freestyle 40-ft cat Jerry Wetzler Dana Pt., CA
72 Sun Baby Lagoon 410 cat Daniel & Cynthia Kerns Seattle, WA
73 Sumatra Trintella 53 Jerome Morgan San Francisco

Suspects in Murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks Ordered to Stand Trial

August 17 - Orange County

After a two-day hearing in Orange Country, three defendants have been ordered to stand trial in the deaths of former cruisers Tom and Jackie Hawks of the Newport Beach-based 55-ft trawler Well-Deserved. Tom, 57, and Jackie, 47, had done a long cruise in Mexico and were well known in the cruising community.

The alleged ringleader was Skylar DeLeon, then 26, who recruited Alonso Machain, 21, whom he met while Machain was working in a county jail. DeLeon told Machain he needed help in killing "some bad people," for which Machain would supposedly be paid several million dollars. Prosecutors say that DeLeon and Machain originally intended to kill the Hawkses during a 'sea trial' on the boat on November 6, but didn't realize how big and strong Hawks - a former bodybuilder - would be. They decided they needed a third person.

So on November 15, DeLeon and Machain recruited John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 40, at a Long Beach liquor store. Kennedy, a member of the notorious African American street gang the Crips, is known on the streets as 'Crazy John'. Improbably, Kennedy was introduced to the Hawkses as DeLeon's accountant.

As the Hawkses and the three men went out for a 'sea trial' again on the 15th, DeLeon and Kennedy overpowered Tom, while Machain did the same to Jackie. Apparently stun guns were used to subdue the couple. According to Machain, after handcuffing the couple and duct-taping their eyes and mouths closed, the couple were made to sign off on several power of attorney papers. For about two hours after that, it's alleged that the boat was motored in the general direction of Catalina, while the couple were kept in the master stateroom. According to Machain, the couple were then brought up on deck and had a 66-pound anchor attached to their waists. No doubt sensing their lives were in danger, Tom Hawks was able to kick DeLeon so hard in the groin that he was knocked over. DeLeon is said to have just laughed, then tossed the heavy anchor overboard. The couple, struggling mightily, were reportedly then thrown over also, and left to drown.

According to some at yesterday's proceedings, DeLeon looked to be on the verge of breaking out laughing several times. His wife, Jennifer, 23, who is also charged in the murders and is the mother of the couple's two young children, wasn't as jovial.

Machain, the main prosecution witness, is being tried separately.

There has also been testimony that DeLeon had badgered a fellow scuba shop employee for tips on how to dispose of bodies at sea, and that a notary accepted $2,000 to back date a bill of sale for the boat.

Rhodes 19 'Invitational' at Pier 39

August 17 - San Francisco

With a PHRF rating of 268, a Rhodes 19 sounds like an ill-fated liferaft. Nonetheless, many San Francisco Rhodes 19 sailors find this boat to be an incredibly fun family racer. Recently, as many as five Rhodes 19s have been racing against each other at Corinthian YC's Friday night beer can races, so, at least to a certain extent, after two decades of decline on the Bay, the class is making a little bit of a comeback.

Photo Christian Buhl

On October 1 and 2, Pier 39 is hosting a Rhodes 19 Invitational - and has already received 10 entries. Anyone interested in participating should contact Charlotte at Pier 39 (415) 705-5558. And remember, Jeff Madrigali got his start in Rhodes 19s.

Ouch, My Wallet

August 17 - Two Harbors

If you've got a sailboat, the recent increases in the price of diesel have hurt - but not as much as if you own a powerboat. Pity the owners of the sportfishing boats and such in Southern California who are used to making weekend runs to Catalina. While at a bar in Two Harbors last weekend, we heard the owner of a 31-ft S/F tell another that it was costing him $300 in fuel alone per weekend jaunt.

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