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April 6 - San Francisco

Just because Wayne Lambright's Photos of the Day on Monday were so good, we're running some more today. These, however, are all from the very beginning of the sequence and show how quickly waves can peak up when there's a big swell and the bottom shallows up.

Photos Wayne Lambright/sfSurvey.com

For the complete 100+ sequence, visit:

Don't Miss the Latitude 38 Crew List Party Tonight at the Golden Gate YC

April 6 - San Francisco

It's so easy to live one hum-drum day after another, and after 365 of those dreary days, you realize that another year has gone by without you really having done much of anything. Well, if you like sailing, it's time to vow to make this the most interesting and adventurous sailing year of your life. There will be lots of good times, some hard times, too, but dammit, you'll have really lived.

No matter if you're a boatowner or crew, a good place to start your new sailing year is at tonight's Crew List Party, where you can meet others looking to sail on the Bay, out the Gate, and even to Mexico and beyond. You'll also meet folks who like to race, be it on evening beer can races, in the Bay, or to Hawaii or wherever. The whole world of sailing is waiting for you to step up to the fun.

As for us, we'll be at the Golden Gate Yacht Club tonight from 6 to 9 p.m., waiting to welcome everyone looking to crew or for crew. We'll have some munchies, door prizes, and a hot new video program featuring sailing on the Bay, on the Ha-Ha, and in the Caribbean. The Crew List Party is free to all who have signed up for the Crew List, and $7 for all others. The Golden Gate YC is located on The Marina in San Francisco at the end of the spit just past the St. Francis YC.

Click here for directions to The Club. We hope to see you there.

You're Not Pulling Our Leg, Are You, Jeannette?

April 6 - Isla Danzante, Baja, Mexico

"It was a lot of work, but somebody had to do it," writes Jeannette Heulin of the Emeryville-based Britsol 32 Con Te Partiro. "Since the famous Mushroom Rock at Ballandra Bay near La Paz has been broken for awhile, I took time off my very busy schedule to carve out a new one. I think it was worth the effort. My rock is in Pyramid Cove on Isla Danzante."

Photos Courtesy Con Te Partiro

We know that vandals knocked Ballandra Bay's Mushroom Rock over a few years ago, and it was restored, but has it been knocked down again?

52nd Annual Bullship Race

April 6 - San Francisco Bay

Duncan Carter sent us the following 'bullish' report about last Saturday's 52nd Annual Bullship Race:

"Thirty-three Toros started the race at Sausalito on a counter current flood with little wind. The winners crawled along the Marin shore and found enough wind to fight off the 4-knot ebb and pick up the counter current at Crissy Field. As the wind picked up, the action of wind against tide created a vicious chop. Several skippers capsized or swamped, but all returned safely to shore with assistance from the Cowship fleet. Grand Admiral Pat Nelson and Cowship Admiral John Fraser put on a good show with the help of numerous other ABRA committee members. Publicist Toni Richardson received the Founder's Award, and the Cowship Award went to Fred Paxton, owner of the Cowship Ranger. "

All Photos Latitude/Andy

The top ten finishers were:

1. #11747 Kit Stycket (1st woman to finish)
2. #11505 Chris Nash
3. #11783 Art Lange
4. #11767 Skip Shapiro
5. #11800 Dennis Silva (1st LMSC skipper)
6. #71500 Paul Flowerman (1st Maiden Voyager)
7. #11666 John Amen
8. #11856 Buzz Blackett
9. # 5958 Paul Zander
10. #11746 Bruce Bradfute

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