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March 22 - Oxnard

Photo Louise Ann Noeth

Today's Photo of the Day is a real heartbreaker. It's of the San Pedro-based tallship Irving Johnson on the beach yesterday afternoon just to the southeast of the entrance to the Channel Islands Yacht Harbor at Oxnard. Apparently the engine quit on the 90-ft brigantine just as she was about to enter the safety of the breakwater. Nobody was hurt, but everyone aboard had to jump into the 56 degree water to be rescued.

The Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson are sisterships built by the Los Angeles Maritime Institute to serve in the TopSail Youth Program, Commissioned in 2003, the twin wooden sail training vessels are the official Tall Ships of the City of Los Angeles.

Daytime Photos Debby Dye of the Channel Islands-based Lovely Reta

Pete Caras, our man in the Channel Islands and the Grand Poobah of Baja Ha-Ha II, reported on the situation early this morning: "Tracy and I listened in here and there and spoke to a few official-looking types. Bottom line, all aboard are safe. They had to take to the water, and were then plucked out by the Channel Islands Harbor Patrol, Channel Islands lifeguards, and the Coast Guard. A tow boat/tug is presently parked at Port Hueneme tasked to the job of trying to pull the Irving Johnson off, but as of 0715 (high tide), no de-watering or tow-line attachments were underway. An environmental services truck is on the scene to, I assume, get the fuel off her. On the beach were a few boat parts, such as the port running light, bits of the light box, as well as some lumber that I believe may have come from the deadwood near the rudder. As of 0715, there was no fuel in the water, nor any smell of fuel. One of the official-looking types said that if the brig could be floated, she would be taken to either Ventura or Los Angeles for an assessment of the damage."

Capricorn Cat Skipper Injured on Bash, Headed for Cabo

March 22 - Pacific Ocean

Our dear friend Blair Grinols of the 45-ft Capricorn Cat was just over 100 miles north of Cabo on a clipper ship route sail back to California with his wife Joan when he fell in the cockpit and injured his hip. Blair, who is in his very active 70s, is not sure if something cracked or broke, but he was in considerable pain. He and Joan are heading for Cabo for a diagnosis, and are hoping for some help bringing the boat in. Blair and Joan are the subject of a long Latitude 38 interview coming up in the May issue.

The Black Pearl to Do the Volvo Around the World Race

March 22 - Hollywood

In completely out-of-the-blue news, the Walt Disney Company, who are making a sequel to the wildly successful Pirates of the Caribbean movie starring Johnny Depp, are having a 70-ft boat built to compete in this fall's Volvo Around The World Race. Naturally, she'll be named the Black Pearl, and will be used to generate interest in the sequel while racing and during stops at Cape Town, Melbourne, Rio, Baltimore, Portsmouth, and Rotterdam. Volvo is helping provide initial sponsorship, but that apparently will be replaced by other sponsors.

Graphic Courtesy Walt Disney Company

None of the crew have been announced yet, but it's been said that Disney is thought to be talking to the likes of Marin's Paul Cayard, Kenny Read, and Chris Larsen to skipper the boat. Most of the crew will be American. Apparently there will also be video game and publishing tie-ins with the movie and race, as there will apparently be a third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Black Pearl will be the seventh confirmed entry in the race, with another in the wings.

Normally we don't do 'Lectronic on Tuesday, but we thought you'd like to read about these items right away. The next 'Lectronic will not be until Friday as we're on deadline week for the boat show issue of Latitude 38.

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