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Biggest Ha-Ha by Far Starts Today

October 25 - San Diego

More than 142 of the 169 skippers who paid for this year's 11th annual Baja Ha-Ha Cruising Rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas signed in at yesterday's West Marine sponsored Ha-Ha Kick-Off Costume Party. This will be the biggest Ha-Ha ever by a large margin.

West Marine generously donated valuable goodies off their shelves for costume contest prizes.

The hit of the Kick-Off Party was West Marine's Missy Welch, who led the afternoon's festivities. The food - for about 600 people - was prepared and served by the Cabrillo Isle Marina staff, and was terrific.

About 600 strangely attired sailors took over the Cabrillo Isle Marina parking lot yesterday.
Photos Latitude/Andy

Commander's Weather forecasts mostly light winds for the first several days. High winds are expected on Thursday . . . by which time the fleet should be snugly anchored in Turtle Bay.

We hope to provide photos as the fleet moves down the coast.

Jessica Cup

October 25 - San Francisco Bay

One out of two scheduled races on Saturday went off in cold, rainy, foggy, mostly windless conditions in the newly expanded Jessica Cup for larger wooden ocean racing yachts. Happily, the sun returned for Sunday's second and final race, along with a gentle westerly. When the sawdust settled, to no one's real surprise, Hank Easom's well sailed and impeccably maintained 67-year-old 8-Meter Yucca, making her fourth appearance in the regatta, was duly awarded the Jessica Cup for the fourth time.

Yucca chases Robin

Regatta developer Terry Klaus and the 12-person crew of his classic 1924 Herreshoff 50 Brigadoon made off with the Yankee Cup for the fifth time.

Bob Rogers' yellow 35-footer Sunda, with son Ian driving, won Marconi-II with two bullets.

Jack Coulter's Echo took the Farallon Clippers one design division with a 3,1 record, aided by Ouessant's no-show on Sunday.
Photos Latitude/Rob

For more, see the November issue of Latitude 38, due out this Friday, October 29. For full results, see host St. Francis YC's Web site, www.stfyc.org.

Scam Alert

October 25 - Cyberspace

Cyberspace has become a big happy playground for con artists, and unfortunately our Classy Classifieds have not escaped unscathed. One advertiser sent in this email he received, which was the culmination of his correspondence with what he originally thought might be a real buyer [typos have been left intact]:

"Okay Mr. Howard, I will take the offer for £3,800 and I would have love to send cash for payment but I have made some cash expenses lately so I don't have enough cash at hand right now, reason beeing that my wife just had our second baby (very happy).

"Alternatively payment will be in a certified cashiers cheque drawn from a u.s bank which is also as good as cash.I will instruct my client in states who owe me $7,500 to procure a cashier's cheque of $7,500 with funds remitted in your name and send it to you, to make this transaction concluded fast and smoothly, when the cheque is cashed, I will want you to deduct your payment which is $4,250 and I will require you to wire the difference/remainder to my shipping agent via western union to enable him arrange the pick up alongside my other goods with his shipping company.

"However, for the incovinience of this part of the transaction, I am giving you $.60..for any expenses it might cost you in wiring the remainder of my money to my shipping agent to upset the shipping cost, e.g phone calls and transportation. this exclude the western union charges and the cheque cashing fees if required. In order to get the payment to you my client will reqiure the below information
FULL NAME...........
ZIP CODE......

"I will be anticipating your reply asap.
Capt Abraham"

The advertiser noted in his email to us, "I'd hate to have someone get burned responding to this kind of thing. It's pretty obvious how it works, and I was glad to have been informed in advance by your warnings. BTW, I am still getting responses to the ad, and probably will sell the trailer shortly - great job, as usual!"

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