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October 11 - Iraq

Today's Photo of the Day is of Capt. Patrick Freeburger, USARO, in Iraq. He writes, "I lived aboard my boat in Redwood City, and I miss Latitude and I miss sailing on the Bay. What I would give for some bone-chilling days of sailing, as the average temp in Iraq is still over 100 degrees each day. And with body armor, it's even hotter. A second photo shows me pointing to a picture of my Freedom 38, which is being listed by Nelson Yachts in Alameda. Since I still have a long time to go over here, I want to find a new owner for my boat.

"Behind me in the third photo is the bunker I was just in after a recent mortar attack. In the foreground, I'm casting my absentee ballot. Please remind everyone to vote for the candidate they believe can bring the Iraq conflict to a successful close."

We assured Capt. Freeburger that while there is widespread disagreement over the war in Iraq, everyone supports the U.S. troops. We also told him we hope he's home by next June or July, when Profligate will be back on the Bay. For we'd like nothing more than to take Freeburger and some of the other Iraq conflict vets for a sail on the Bay. Be well, all of you!

Crew List Alert

October 11 - Mill Valley

People using the Mexico Only Crew List printed in the current (October) issue of Latitude 38 should be aware of an error in the 'code' boxes. Several codes in the first section of both the "Wanting to Crew" and "Looking For Crew" codes do not agree with the forms you filled out. Specifically, if you checked the following entries in the mail-in forms:

3) For Baja Ha-Ha 11, the cruisers' rally to Cabo starting October 25
4) Return trip up Baja
5) Other _____________

----------------- or ----------------

3) For Baja Ha-Ha 11, the cruisers' rally to Cabo starting October 25
4) Return trip up Baja
5) Other _____________

. . . . then these wishes will NOT be correctly reflected in the code forms in the present issue.

The mistake came when Sea of Cortez Sail Week was eliminated from the forms. But because we re-use the same forms year after year, an older set (with Sail Week still noted) found its way to print. We apologize to all Crew List participants for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused by this error.

There are two ways to deal with this mistake on a practical level. The first is simply to subtract 1 from the 'Want to Crew' or 'Need Crew For' codes to arrive at the correct answers noted above. (For example, a '4' on the printed code in the October issue equals a '3' - the Baja Ha-Ha entry - on the mail-in forms.) Or you can simply take a few extra minutes to clarify who wants what in these categories when you make or get Crew List related calls. The crew list as posted online is correct and requires no adjustments.

Again, we are sorry for the error.

Voiles de St. Tropez

October 11 - St. Tropez, France

Oh to be in St. Tropez at this time of year, where an inordinate amount of the great modern yachts of the world, and the great classic yachts of the world are having a go at each other in great sailing conditions and a superb environment. Leading the way in the modern boat sector is the brilliant Mari-Cha, whose last performance was crushing the West Marine Pacific Cup record. Hot on her heels is Roy Disney's MaxZ86 Pyewacket from Los Angeles. Much to our regret, we have no photos of the event. We do, however, have this shot of Mari-Cha starting the West Marine Pacific Cup to remind you what she looks like.

Photo Latitude/Richard

America's Cup Act II in Valencia, Spain

October 11 - Valencia, Spain

Jan Pehrson of Sausalito is over in Valencia with her big new Nikon and taking some great shots of the action. But we asked her for some different shots. Here's what she came up with.

It's great to see women in high places on America's Cup yachts. This is Olympian Meg Gaillard, who now works the traveler and does aerial work for the K-Challenge.

Three of the heavy hitters at Valencia: Ernesto Bertarelli, the money behind Alinghi; the Mayor of Valencia; and King Juan Carlos of Spain, an enthusiastic sailor. Although King Juan Carlos has been sailing on Alinghi a bit, he's a major force behind the TransPac 52 explosion in the Med.

Christina O, Aristotle Onassis' former yacht, now the spectator boat for BMW Oracle. If you look closely, you can see the ghost of Jackie O near the transom.
Photos Jan Pehrson

Dawn Wilson Transferred to Dublin, But Needs Your Help

October 11 - Dublin

Writes Terry Kennedy: "Just a couple of days ago, Dawn Wilson was again transferred, this time to a minimum security prison in Dublin, California. Hopefully, she'll soon have a hearing and will be released. However, I've been told it's VERY IMPORTANT that the Parole Board receives input from people who care about her and what she's gone through. What we need at this point are letters or faxes - lots of them - so they will know that Dawn is not alone, and that many people think she has way overpaid whatever she was accused of by Mexico, and should be freed immediately. This is the final leg of getting Dawn back her freedom.

"I know I have asked for your help for what seems like many times, but this is the help that will get her released, and we need it ASAP. When you write on her behalf, you MUST include her prisoner I.D. number - which is: #47256-180. I beg you, please write on her behalf to Parole Commission, Federal Correction Institution, Dublin; 5701 8th Street, Camp Parks Dublin, CA 94568. The fax number is 925-833-7599. Thank you so much!"

Tales from Florida

October 11 - Florida

If you've got a multihull and want to haul out, you don't necessarily have to use a boatyard. Not if you're in Florida and it's hurricane season.

Speaking of hurricanes, it's all quiet on the Mexican and Caribbean-East Coast fronts.

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