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August 16 - Italy

Today's Photo of the Day comes from our man in the Med, former Sausalito resident Noel G., who has been living and working in France and other European countries for the last five years or so.

"The first photo is of my Outremer 43 cat Laia at anchor in front of Riomaggiore, the southernmost of the five isolated villages of Cinque Terre ('Five Lands') near La Spezia, Italy. Until 1976, it could only be reached by trail or, on a calm day, by sea.

"Today's final shot - editors say photo features always need to include a person - is of my crew on the bow of Laia at Porto Venere.

Photos Noel G.

"When you come to the entrance to this 'hole in the wall' spot, you must really trust your GPS in order to find it. The opening is about 300 feet across, but the entrance channel isn't as wide. Italian powerboaters, of course, zoom in at macho speeds. My next stop is Elba and some of the other Tuscan Islands."

If anyone gets a chance to cruise the west coast of Italy, they should not pass it up. It is very lovely, and very different than what we Americans are accustomed to.

Unlikely Crew Sets Sail on Symbolic Voyage

August 16 - Alameda

When two novice sailors arrived from Spain recently to purchase an unproven ferrocement ketch, some local sailors questioned their judgment. But when it was learned that they intended to sail this 56-ft modified Sampson C-Deuce straight to Panama, upwind across the Caribbean, then across the North Atlantic to Spain, local skeptics were convinced that the duo, nicknamed Pincho and Bi, were truly crazy. Not only is their boat's seaworthiness questionable, but they are heading south during hurricane season and neither sailor has offshore experience.

Bi (left) and Pincho

When we met with them last Friday at Nelson's Marine they were completing final preparations, and were determined to set sail yesterday, August 15. Turns out Pincho and Bi are on a mission. They are natives of Galicia, on the West Coast of Spain, an area that was environmentally devastated several years ago when a tanker broke up off the coast. Their voyage, therefore, is a symbolic gesture intended to stimulate interest in ocean conservation. According to the pair, their expedition has been well publicized in Galicia, and they expect a grand reception when they return home.

Bi's tattoo

Although we question their common sense, we have to admire their idealism. And we certainly hope they arrive home safely. No doubt the trip will be even more of an adventure than they'd anticipated.

Must Have Used a Broken Measuring Tape

August 16 - Sausalito

John Riise, Latitude's Managing Editor, was driving by the north entrance to Sausalito when he came across this unusual sight.

Photo Latitude/JR

A truck router had obviously made a mistake about the height of this truck and load with the proposed route that was to have taken it beneath the Highway 101 overpass. The truck cab could make it, but the load couldn't. When John Riise happened along, the driver and guys in the 'escort' car were standing around scratching their heads. The police later showed up, helped the driver back up the truck and trailer, and sent them to their destination via another route. There was no name on the boat, but she appeared to be a TP 52 in town for the upcoming St. Francis Big Boat Series.

(Yes, the photo is of poor resolution and in black and white. That's what happens when your finger slips and knocks the mode function button on the camera to 'movie'.)

Zoom! Zoom! It's All About Me and My Little Fella

August 16 - Catalina Island

A bunch of us spent the weekend cruising Profligate from Redondo Beach to Avalon to Two Harbors (Catalina) to Newport Beach, and had a great time. We saw whales, watched World War II fighters 'attack' a Victory ship, rescued some stranded mariners, and had some unusually fine sailing on approach to Newport Beach.

We'll have a bunch of photos later in the week, but thought we'd first share this shot of a powerboat roaring through the back of the anchorage at Isthmus Cove.

Photo Latitude/Richard

We didn't quite catch the name of the boat, but one person in our group guessed it might be 'Little Dick'. Lest anyone get the wrong impression, despite this one rude operator, everyone on our boat loved Two Harbors.

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