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May 24 - The Tropics

There are two Photos of the Day today; one of the the anchorage at Gustavia, St. Barth in the Caribbean, and one of a lovely lady enjoying a sail off Zihuatanejo, Mexico. If you've sailed in both places, we have a question for you - if you could only cruise in one place, which would it be? We put that question to Renee Blaul and Barritt Neal of the San Diego-based Peterson 44 Serendipity, seen below relaxing in the cockpit of their boat.

Photos Latitude/Richard

The couple have spent more than three years cruising in Mexico, and more recently more than three years in the Caribbean. To find out which they liked better, see the June Latitude 38 that comes out this Friday - just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Trying to Salvage the Salvager

May 24 - Puerto Escondido, Baja California

When we received the report the other day that Cat's Meow had gone on the rocks and partially sunk in the Sea of Cortez, the name rang a bell, but we couldn't place it. Now we remember - she's Martin and Robin's motor vessel that rescued something like a dozen boats that had been thrown ashore by Hurricane Marty last summer. Here's the latest from Terry Kennedy on the salvage attempt:

"When the Mexican Navy pulled the boat from the rocks the other day, they unfortunately didn't pull her along the path I had made for the stabilizer to clear. So it hit a large rock, which opened up a two-foot hole in the hull. That's why she went down so fast. I've now made a patch of plywood and caulking, canvas, and battens, and finally got it nailed to the hull - thanks to the help of some cruiser/divers - where the starboard stabilizer used to be. I intend to put one more plywood patch over the existing one for more strength. I've already repaired the patch in the bow area, and we've put bung plugs in the thru-hulls, so a little more work with the many drums on site should hopefully result in her refloating. Then I guess we'll tow her to Puerto Escondido to clear her out in preparation for a trip to La Paz. The hull damage is too great to be fixed in Escondido, as large frames have been broken and a lot of replanking will have to be done."

Sausage, Cervezas, Zincs and Flor

May 24 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"We'd like to tell you about a new service we have for our cruiser customers here at Desperado Marine in Puerto Vallarta," write Kyle, Irma, Flor, and Dave. "We prepare and sell all kinds of meats - for example brisket, pastrami, roast beef, sausages, etc - then vacuum pack it all and have it portioned and hard-frozen. Naturally, it's of excellent quality and everything is done in sanitary conditions. It fact, folks can visit our 'meat lab' in Bucerias and taste the goodies themselves.

"Also, when Doña de Mallorca stopped by with Profligate a couple of days ago, she mentioned that the Wanderer would like to know if Flor - whom he first met 10 years ago when she was pumping diesel in the disco outfit she'd worn the night before - was still here. We've attached a photo to prove three things: 1) That Flor is still here; 2) That Flor is still looking great; and 3) That Flor makes sure Desperado Marine always has enough cold beer for our customers."

Photo Courtesy Desperado Marine

Ha-Ha Requests

May 24 - Tiburon

"As of today," reports Lauren Spindler, Honcho of the Ha-Ha, "we have received 90 requests for entry packs for this fall Baja Ha-Ha."

If you'd like an entry pack, send a check for $15 to Baja Ha-Ha, Inc., 21 Apollo Road, Tiburon CA, 94920. Please include a 9 x 12 return-addressed envelope with $3 postage.

Classy Classified Ad

May 24 - Southern California

BREWER 43 PILOTHOUSE CUTTER. 1983/1996/2001. Proven bluewater cruiser, refit 2001, custom interior, full cruising inventory. All the right stuff from AGMs, watermaker, Sailomat, solar, genset.
Call Ruck (310) 804-6002 or email.

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