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Photos of the Day: Elizabeth Muir

May 21 - San Francisco Bay

Today's lovely Photos of the Day are of the Bolinas-built schooner Elizabeth Muir, and were taken by Joe Rinehart. They are meant to remind everyone that the Master Mariner's Regatta will be held next Saturday. Boats such as Elizabeth Muir will be sailing back and forth across the Central Bay and then down the Oakland Estuary. You won't want to miss it!

Photos Joe Rinehart

Cat's Meow on the Rocks near Aqua Verde

May 21 - Puerto Escondido, Baja California

"I'm sorry to have to pass along the bad news," writes Terry Kennedy of Manta in Baja, "but yesterday evening Martin and Robin's Cat's Meow went on the rocks. They had been at anchor down by Aqua Verde when the wind came up, and Martin decided to move the boat. Unfortunately, they moved the boat before the radar warmed up and Martin turned the wrong direction in the black of night and the boat went up hard on the rocks. Almost everyone from Puerto Escondido went to help early this morning with lines, floats, and generators. When I got there, the boat was heeled over 45º and flooded when the tide came in. We worked to get her a clear path off the rocks, and on the third try the Mexican Navy was able to pull her off. But the water shifted inside and she went down by the bow. Several boats finally pulled her over close to a sand beach, where she now sits, decks awash.

"Martin and Robin are devastated, as Cat's Meow was their home and they have no insurance. Everyone else is just heartsick. Those of us in Escondido will try to float her again tomorrow, and if that works pump her out and make hull repairs. If that works and the weather holds, we'd tow her up to Escondido, take everything out, and see what can be done for her. But it will surely require major repairs, as even the main engine was underwater, as well as all their belongings, electronics and all the rest."

Berth Boom in Baja

May 21 - Baja California Sur

Screw the 'Nautical Stairway' farce, the berth boom is underway in Baja. Jim Elfers, the Marina Manager at the new Costa Baja Marina just outside of La Paz, tell us that they'll be accepting their first tenants at the luxury facility in July, and by November expect to have all 270 slips up and running. That will double the number of slips in La Paz. If you want one for now or this winter, they are offering early discounts of up to 30%, so email Jim - author of The Baja Bash. And tell him that 'Lectronic sent you.

Then yesterday, Profligate pulled into Marina Cabo San Lucas from Puerto Vallarta for a little R & R before continuing up the coast to San Diego. According to Doña de Mallorca, marina personnel told her that a 625-berth marina is already under construction at nearby San Jose del Cabo. It was long thought that the extensive dredging necessary for such a project would make it cost-prohibitive. But apparently it's being financed by the family that owns a big part of Corona Beer - Bud apparently owns about 40%, too - so money may not be a problem. There will also be a Greg Norman golf course.

The bottom line is that the Cape is on fire. First American Title Companies were allowed in, which is partly responsible for real estate prices heading toward the sky, and soon there will be 625 more desperately-needed slips on the Cape, which is going to give tourism a big goose. Add in the 270 luxury berths at La Paz, and things are really changing down there.

First Tropical Activity of the Season in Mexico

May 21 - Cabo San Lucas, BCS

With Profligate slated to depart Cabo for San Diego this morning, guess what the weather service is reporting.

Time to Celebrate!

May 21 - Panama

There's nothing like the end of a 1,200-mile voyage to make everyone feel like celebrating - especially if they, like Diane, would have paid anything to be lifted off by a helicopter. Here's a couple of shots of the Profligate crew after the run from Antigua to Panama.

Preparing drinks and dinner in the galley. Everyone is eager to help when cooking lobster.

The crew - from left, Larry, Tina, Bruce, Ken, Diane, Liz, Steve, Tim, Shatze, and Lex - dining al fresco in the San Blas Islands.

At the end of the voyage, there's nothing that makes the guys happier than a visit from a lovely young lady. This gal, and two of her friends, were visiting the San Blas from Portugal. Or Brazil. Or somewhere.

This Kuna dude pissed us off. We'd just arrived; he sold us lobster - neglecting to tell us that it was out of season.

It's back to work the next morning, having to clear into Panama at the San Blas Islands. It was the time-consuming, confused, contradictory mess we expected.
Photos Latitude/Richard

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