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May 10 - Along the Docks

You see some interesting things while strolling the docks. This sloop, for example, whose owner couldn't seem to decide what type and style of ports he wanted. There almost aren't enough fingers on our right hand to count the number of different ports on the starboard side of the boat, and if we remember correctly, there were some other variations on the port side. Whatever, as they say, floats your boat.

Photo Latitude/Richard

The Catnip Cup Is Back!

May 10 - San Francisco Bay

Thanks to popular demand, the two-day, no-host Catnip Cup rally for cruising multihulls, from the San Francisco waterfront to Vallejo Marina, then back the next day, will be held on June 9 and 10. About 20 boats participated last year, and despite the late notice, it's hoped there will be a similar number this year. New this year will be a big potluck ashore Saturday night in Vallejo.

If you have a cruising multihull and are interested in doing the Catnip Cup this year, please send an email to Richard. If you know anybody with a cruising multihull, please let them know about it. Latitude 38's 63-foot cat Profligate will participate, as will Volker Dolich's Marquesas 56 La Dolce Vita, and several Gemini cats have expressed interest.

Scenes from last year's C-Cup
Photos Latitude/Richard

Baja Ha-Ha Requests

May 10 - Tiburon

The folks at the Baja Ha-Ha report that requests for entry packs have been coming in at a steady pace. In fact, they've received 21 requests for packets in just over a week. Anyone interested in doing this fall's Ha-Ha Cruisers' Rally from San Diego to Cabo needs to get an entry pack. Get one by sending a $15 check made out to Baja Ha-Ha, Inc., along with a 9x12 self-addressed envelope, to 21 Apollo Road, Tiburon, CA 94920. Shortly after June 1, you'll receive a complete entry pack. The cost of the Ha-Ha itself is $200 for boats under 35 feet in length, and owners under 35 years of age. For all others, it's $250. Entries get all kinds of souvenir hats, T-shirts, tote bags and such. Don't try to call the Ha-Ha, as they don't have a phone.

Photo Latitude/Annie

Blair and Joan's Crossing

May 10 - Pacific Ocean

Tuesday we reported on Blair and Joan Grinols' adventures on Fanning Island. But what kind of trip did they have across the Pacific from Puerto Vallarta to Kiribati (Christmas) Island aboard their custom 45-foot catamaran? "We covered the 3,300 miles in 18.5 days, an average of 178 miles a day. We were a little gun shy, dropping the chute whenever we saw a black cloud, so we didn't cross as fast as we might have."

What's it like sailing in the middle of the Pacific?
"The day before landfall, we were at 03º N and 156.5º W, and we could really tell it was the tropics. It was humid! It was just 87 degrees in the cabin, but out in the sun it felt like it was 100 degrees. The humidity is about 80%. Maybe it's because it rained on us at least 20 times in the last two days, but everything on the boat feels damp. Yesterday we made about five sail changes. We put up the spinnaker and a rain squall with 45 kt winds hit us 30 minutes later. Had to let the sheets fly to get it down. Then the wind blew from the south on the port beam, so we put up the main. 30 minutes later it clocked around to the NE right on the stern. We gave up and just ran with the genoa for the rest of the day and last night. We still made 160 miles.

How is the fishing out there?
"A couple of days ago we caught the biggest cotton pickin' fish we've ever had on Capricorn Cat. He was a 40-50 lb Wahoo. I tow little lures thinking little fish will strike at them, but I guess this guy liked small bites. Well you can imagine the fun we had trying to get the cat to stand still, in 8-ft seas and 20+ kts wind, long enough for us to wrestle that guy on board. While Joannie was hanging on to the gaff, I cut off about a quarter of one side and gave the rest to the sharks."

Blair and Joan Grinols in Puerto Vallarta
Photo Latitude/Andy

Photo Courtesy Capricorn Cat
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May 10 - The Pacific Ocean and Cyberspace

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Weather Updates

May 10 - Pacific Ocean

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California Coast Weather

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Pacific Sea State

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